30 Best Macro Photography of the Month – March 11th to April 9th, 2013

1.Little guy in Orchid


2.Kiss me!


3.Ant Bite


4.Carbonation in a soda




6.A flower on a strawberry plant.


7.Dahlia from Golden Gate Park


8.Calceolaria Uniflora taken in Patagonia, Argentina


9.Old money


10.The Immortal Tree: Redwood National Forest


11.Two things happened overnight… the corn flowers opened up and it rained


12.Hermit Crab


13.Dragonfly drying his wings


14.Leaf and moss.


15.Sea Anemone Tentacles


16.Bee by Igor Fumm


17.Jumping spider in the rocks


18.Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’


19.Colorized electron microscope photo of steel


20.Spyderco Tenacious


21.A bumblebee on colorful flowers.


22.Wilted Rose (Rosa indica)


23.Fire OG Kush




25.cute beetle on thumb


26.Mind the gap!


27.An ant on a small flower.


28.Australian blue banded bees settling in for sleep


29.Bug eye detail


30.Frying pan


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