30 Best Space Pictures of the Month – March 14th to April 12th, 2013

1.The globular cluster Palomar 12, captured by Hubble.


2.This giant spiral disk of stars, dust and gas is 170,000 light-years across, or nearly twice the diameter of our Milky Way galaxy. M101 is estimated to contain at least one trillion stars


3.The Milky Way over lake titicaca, Peru


4.Milky Way Over Switzerland


5.Aurora over Alaska


6.Spiral Aurora Borealis


7.APOD: 2013 April 2 – IC 4592: The Blue Horsehead Reflection Nebula


8.Chris Hadfield just tweeted this picture of the full Moon over Earth.


9.Victoria crater, Mars


10.Åresjön, Sweden


11.Incredible storm over the Atlantic touches Europe, Greenland, North America, and the Caribbean. Its intensity is the equivalent of a category 3 hurricane right now.


12.A section of NGC 6357, non-standard colorization


13.163,000 years before the inhabitants of the Large Magellanic Cloud get confused.


14.The Boomerang Nebula is one of the coldest places in the Universe; it has a temperature of just 1 degree Kelvin!


15.Full Moon


16.Gigantic lobes of gas and dust billowing from the supermassive star Eta Carinae at a speed of 1 million km/h


17.APOD: 2013 April 7 – The Moons Saturn


18.Philip Island, Australia


19.Earth above the moon’s bare dusty surface

  20.The Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off from launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center on May 31, 2008 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, en route to the International Space Station on a construction mission.  

21.Retina Nebula


22.Moon shot two from last night. This was as it was rising.


23.A gorgeous picture of the NGC 3521 galaxy


24.Rhea, Enceladus, and Dione join the rings of a darkened Saturn horizon


25.Kepler’s Streak — low-res but cool.


26.Astronomers have found some of the youngest stars ever seen thanks to the Herschel space observatory. Dense envelopes of gas and dust surround the fledging stars known as protostars, making their detection difficult until now.


27.First attempt at a Milky Way photo – taken in the Blue Mountains, Australia


28.HGC 31 – Massive Four-Way Galactic Collision


29.Reunion Island


30.Stars, from Dunsborough Western Australia


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  1. Jeny basel says:

    These pictures are totally incredible….it’s very uplifting to see how we are surrounded by such intense beauty!

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