30 Futuristic Concept Designs of the Month – March 29th to April 28th, 2013

1.Evolved Terra- Star Citizen

2.The Colony of Sigma Draconis by ArthurBlue

3.Heliocraft Lauchpad

4.Future Paris

5.Hong Kong Ruins

6.Neo-Tokyo I by Blinck

7.Scifi City by Steve Chon

8.Prey 2 Concept Art

9.Cityscape Comp by eddiedelrio

10.Lunar Base – Concept art for the ESA’s Moon Base 3D Printing Plan

11.Elements 2666 HD by Tuomas Korpi

12.Checkpoint by adamkuczek

13.The Sea Orbiter

14.Manhattan in Reverse by MANCHU

15.Space Port by eddiedelrio

16.United Nations Country

17.Portal 2 concept art

18.The Red Queen by JimHatama

19.Silent Alley by Danmrak

20.Spaceship concept art by Tuomas Korpi

21.New York – Star Citizen

22.Gate to the future by artificialdesign

23.APOD: 2013 April 11 – Darkened City

24.The 13th FloorThe 13th Floor

25.City: Crepusculix – Light by Xyrga

26.Future City by JonHrubesch

27.Asura Temple Garrison City by INEIstudio

28.Landing on a New World

29.Urban Sun by mvn-78

30.Neo-Charlotte – 2127. Futuristic Minecraft city

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