22 Best Infrastructure Pictures of the Month – April 4th to May 3rd, 2013

1.Far beneath the bustling streets of Manhattan, and out of sight for the majority of New York City’s 8 million residents, the largest transportation project in the country is churning away day and night hollowing out granite to create six miles of new tunnels.


2.Bridges of Chicago

  3.That’s a lot of scaffolding – The interior of the Hagia Sophia dome undergoing restoration in Instanbul, Turkey  

4.Sidu River Bridge, Hubei, China


5.A new road under construction carving its way up through the peaks of a mountain range in Shaanxi province, China


6.Flow Regulators, Indianapolis,


7.Basteibrücke, Elbe sandstone mountains, Germany


8.The Triborough Bridge and Randall’s Island, once the personal fiefdom of Robert Moses


9.Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland


10.California defined only by its road infrastructure


11.A skytrain passes over vehicles on the road in Bangkok, Thailand


12.Walking on the tracks in Russia [1100×720] photo by Denis Bodrov


13.The Railway to New York


14.Harajuku Station, Tokyo, Japan


15.La Poya bridge in Fribourg, Switzerland under construction… finally cars are gonna be kept out of the citys medieval center


16.Killiney train station , Dublin,Ireland


17.Bridges over the tijuana river, Mexico


18.Falkirk Wheel, rotating boat lift, Scotland


19.Milton-Madison Bridge Replacement


20.G-Cans Project Japan: world’s largest underground flood water diversion facility


21.Unusually built Apollo Bridge in Bratislava, Slovakia


22.McKee Street Bridge over Buffalo Bayou – Houston,


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