30 Best Macro Pictures of the Month – April 7th to May 6th, 2013

1.Macro shot of the human eye


2. Tire Tracks




4.Beetle by Kirill Krivosheew


5.Spider finishing off a meal over her web.


6.A huge wasp measuring 2.5 inches in length, visiting a banana tree in a front yard. (John Matzick, USA, 2013 Sony World Photography Awards)


7.Black and white garden ant


8.Aporia butterfly in Croatia.


9.Came across this little female wasp; named the red velvet ant or “cow killer,” this female is known for it’s extremely painful sting.


10.Baby lav


11.Silicon Carbide Foam. Diameter of each beam is about .0016 inches.


12.Wolf spider carrying babies


13.Fly tongue


14.Green Anole


15.Lady Bug on Fox Tail


16.Young Sphagnum Moss


17.Pillbug sneaking




19.A rose from the Berkeley Rose Garden…


20.Crimson Marsh Glider dragonfly in India


21.Moth on plastic table


22.Jumping Spider captures Fly


23.Dead housefly


24.Ant overlooking his climb



26.Eye of the rose.


27.Hibiscus macro; it’s so fuzzy!


28.Marco of Grey Squirrel eating




30.The lost world on a piece of tree bark (2mm in length)


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