26 Best Book Pictures of the Month – April 20th to May 19th, 2013

1.Pages From a Gaelic Manuscript ca. 1931


2.Principia Mathematica – 1st Edition


3.One of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Selexyz Dominicanen, Maastricht – The Netherlands


4.Discovered in a peat bog, and now conserved, and on display, The Faddan More Psalter, a 9th century book of psalms (as it was discovered)


5.German Bible – 1889

  6.First page of the oldest known manuscript of Beowulf, dating to the tenth or early 11th c, now in the British Library. It was nearly lost in the Ashburnham House fire in 1731, when it was still the only existing copy  

7.Complete Walt Whitman 1902 Vol. 1-4


8.Annotated Horace’s works, printed in 1570 by Aldus Manutius’s son. Found in a flea market…


9.Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian, which sold at auction for $902,500.


10.1885 Edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare


11.Modest as it is, my bookshelf is one of my most prized possessions. I hope you approve!


12.Picked these up at a thrift shop today, old books from the 1800’s – Album in comments

  13.“The Medici”, in Extra-Gilt, On-laid Fine Morocco Bindings. More Pics with Descriptions in Comments  

14.Masonic Handbook from 1911


15.Qurans in Rustem Pasha Camii, Istanbul, Turkey


16.Personal library


17.Lorsch Gospels


18.Milton’s “Poetical Works”, 1843: Over-the-Top Gold Tooled American (NY) Bindings, with Fore Edge Paintings and over 200 Onlays, executed ca. 1919. w/More Pics in Comments


19.Best Book


20.Psychology manual from 1895


21.The Life and Explorations of David Livingstone [1874]


22.Here’s Another Binding: “Romantic California”, 1910; More Photos in the Comments, with a Detail Showing how a Binding Design is made up of Numerous Tools


23.A Matched Pair of Heavily-Tooled Book Bindings, in the Derome Style, from my Collection of N.Y. Book Bindings ca. 1890


24.Dickens’ Great expectations. Phenomenal find from the late 20th century.


25. United States Geological and Geographical Survey [1878] [PBA Galleries]


26.The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, with dedication written in 1893 [1859]


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