30 Best Pictures of the Month Showing Human Emotion – May 2nd to May 31st, 2013

1.Kyle & his husband John celebrate Minnesota’s same-sex marriage bill with their kids.

2.Little Flower Girl

3.Tadeusz Żytkiewicz, the patient from the famous National Geographic photo of Dr. Religa’s. He outlived the surgeon who gave him a new life.

4.Piercing eyes, and a natural mask of freckles.

5.Coal miner smoking a cigarette, Pol-e-Khomri

6.Syrian fighter in an easy-chair, among the ruins of a city

7.Little boy from the Gaza Strip enjoying a meal with mom after two successful heart surgeries in Tel Aviv

8.Ethiopian child, Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia (photo by Eric Lafforgue)

9.Young Buddhist monks feel their newly shaved heads.

10.Emotional WWII veteran at a Victory Day parade in Russia

11.A Bangladeshi youth reacts after seeing the dead body of a relative, after a building collapse in Savar, on April 24, 2013.

12.Portrait of an old lady who lived through two World Wars, monarchy, fascism, Russian occupation and socialism. Taken by my father-in-law.

13.A Kurdish girl from Mardin Province, Turkey.

14.Meet Kardoweis, the Pokot girl with the smile that will light up your day – Kapedo, Southern Turkana – Kenya

15.Harsh Life | New Orleans, LA | 2008

16.A young Suri boy in one of the most remote places on Earth: The border of Ethiopia and Sudan

17.Women watch dancing at a wedding party in Grozny, Chechnya

18.American jazz trumpeter: Dizzy Gillespie, Paris, 1989 by Herb Ritts

19.”Old peasant with dagger and long smoking pipe, Mestia, Svanetia, Georgia”, ca.1888-1900

20.Pope Francis out in the rain in St. Peter’s Square

21.Chechen Glue-Sniffing Youth During War in the 1990’s

22.Coptic (Egyptian) boy with Cross Tattoo on his wrist

23.Ethiopian herdboys interested in the camera: Amhara

24.Yupik baby

25.A street artist performs in Covent Garden in central London.

26.A Chinese boy wearing a helmet poses next to a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Zhejiang Province during the Harley Davidson National Rally in China

27.My buddy Duncan, a metal singer.

28.Flapper wearing headband

29.Man from Tavastia, Finland, year 1877

30.”Don’t use a cellphone or computer.” Part of the Humans Of New York series by Brandon Stanton

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  1. DMac says:

    I have been looking at your website for 6 months and this is my favorite collection by far. Each photo has so many questions behind them.

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