20 Best Instrument Pictures of the Month – May 5th to June 3rd, 2013

1.Tobacco-Burst Gibson Les Paul post-detailing

2.Rybski custom 6-string bass

3.Taye Specialty Alu 14×6 Snare Drum w/ vintage hoops

4.Pre-WW1 L&H American Conservatory Parlor Guitar

5.Gibson guitars,  1926 L-1 flatop


7.A higher-quality pic of my Epiphone Les Paul Vintage Starburst Ukulele

8.1962 “Telecaster Custom”

9.Instrument (guitars and a banjo) collection..

10.1985 Ovation Acoustic

11.SorteMor Tokai – Kasper Eistrup Signature Guitar

12.A glamour shot of Les Paul

13.Custom Acoustic refurbished

14.Jay Turser Double Neck Guitar

15.Epiphone Les Paul and Marshall Amp

16.Wall of Saxes

17.Bassists’ new Carvin 5 string

18.1956 Gibson GA-5 & 1990s G&L ASAT.

19.1926 Gibson L-1

20. Epiphone Les Paul vintage starburst uke with Orange Micro Crush amp

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