30 Best Macro Pictures of the Month – May 6th to June 4th, 2013

1.High-key jumping spider


2.Inkjet Printed ink on Paper


3.The tip of a nail file on a pair of nail clippers


4.Sharpening an edge under a microscope.


5.Phillips head screw


6.Blue Spruce at Dawn


7.Young red mite, 5x magnification




9.Actual macro porn


10.Young paper wasp queen


11.A Young Fern Unfolding


12.Shot a jumping spider today


13.Zombiewalk macro


14.Red Pepper


15.Dew on a leaf in my back garden.


16.Leaves are beautiful in detail


17. Emerald Swallowtail


18.Wolf spider, Lycosidae. 7 image stack


19.Speckled Sharpshooter, Paraulacizes irrorata


20.Aphid On A Rose Bud


21.”Paint fight at the railroad tracks”


22.Uncooked Jasmine Rice


23.Serrated Knife Blade


24.A small green beetle




26.A box of old automobile bulbs


27.Poplar Admiral (Limenitis populi)


28.Bubbles in a lollipop


29.Mineral Layering inside Geode


30.Tiny flowers… and headphone jack for size reference


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  1. BISE David says:

    Someones are really nice but the others are not good ! Why do you show them ! ?

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