What is SYL Canal Dispute?


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Facts Behind SYL

  1. 122 kilometer stretch of it falls under Punjab and the remaining 92 kilometer is in Haryana.
  2. The canal though designed to carry a maximum of 10, 500 cusecs of water, will actually carry 6, 500 cusecs of water through SYL Punjab to Haryana, as per the agreement of water sharing.
  3. The digging of SYL canal began in 1984. A major part of the canal was completed by Haryana i.e. 85% & 15% work was left which was to be done from Punjab territory. This small part is not completed till yet, which has a story for itself & created SYL Canal Dispute.
  4. The canal comes under the Bhakra- Baes Management Board, BBMB, which has constituted under the Punjab Reorganisation Act, 1966, i.e. a central legislation.

  Reason of SYL Canal Dispute:

The origin of the crisis of SYL Canal Dispute was taken place when Punjab has refused to complete this project & Punjab found defaulted on its upper-riparian responsibility to share water with Haryana through the SYL Canal. In 2004, this matter went to the Supreme Court & Supreme Court intervened in this matter & it had ordered to Punjab to complete the remaining project work from his side otherwise construction of this canal would have taken by Union Government. But nothing is done by Punjab Government nor by the Union Government in this matter. Moreover, because of failure of this project Haryana has to bear 1,000 crore per year, which is not a small amount.

Not only this, the endless wait for water has become routine in the villages of Rewari-Narnaul belt. This stretch is one of the driest areas. But as per Punjab Government, it does not have sufficient water for its own state, so Punjab is not in interest to construct SYL Canal. Moreover, Punjab that they have more cultivated land as compared to Haryana, so in this situation it is injustice with Punjab as it already sharing water through Bhakra Dam by 2 canals in Haryana. This project is facing a lack of Political consideration. Political parties try to take advantage of it rather than try to solve this issue. Central Government needs to give their serious consideration on this matter.

The SYL Canal Dispute has exposed the working system of India & has exposed the weakness of entire constitutional governance (political parties, leaders, constitutional authorities, judiciary etc.) of our country. No one is bothered about Haryana, which is facing a crisis & become failure to protect life & property & now Haryana is presenting Punjab as the main culprit. The Central government is neither fair nor firm in this case. Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said regarding this topic that he has against to SYL Canal as Punjab has not sufficient water to share it with Haryana whereas BJP was silent regarding this topic.