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1. A three month old puma cub

1.Patience paid off for the Heron

1.A disobedient Kingfisher

1.Very rare Giant Armadillo in Brazil (Priodontes Maximus)

1.Young Praying Mantis, Mantodea

1.Coot (Fulica atra) Inverleith Park

1.A Cheetah and her cub

Sleeping time is almost like heaven if you are really tired. Well, being human I am not sure that it is just for humans or for all the living beings.  But just after going through these pictures I am now a bit sure that sleep is same soothing for all of us.  Remember the most

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1.Cervus elaphus (male)

1.Lioness in the Maasai Mara

Animals are definitely the most important part of this bio-diversity. I respect each and every part of this earth. In fact, the animals should be respected. They are beautiful, cute and of course honest too! I do not know how people misbehave with the animals. First we increase population, second we throw animals out of

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1.Alligator and python, Everglades National Park

What would you call a combo of Snow plus doggies! They should be called as snow dogs. The snow dog is not a new term now. Snow dogs are the dog that finds it an ease to reside in snowy areas. The snow dogs are classified broadly in the following breeds , Greenland Dog, Alaskan

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The tiger and lion are the two most dangerous animals of the world. Though they are dangerous, they are kind hearten as hell, when it comes to their family. They are good parents also. While traveling with his clients (or say, the group of tourists), Exodus tour guide and wildlife photographer Paul Gold stein in

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