Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

1.Alligator and python, Everglades National Park

1.Contemporary home library

Eddy L. attempts to shoot the beauty that most of the people not notice it. On the way to specific, a rose may just be a thorny plant, but to him, it’s a source of beauty. He loves taking long walks and he not ever goes anyplace without his camera. Who knows what enchanted moment he

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Mehmet Karaca is a 27-year-old amateur but talented photographer from Turkey. This fresh, talented photographer is into nature photography in a big method. With a lovely series of photos of ants, butterflies, chameleons, ladybugs and other tiny insects, all captured in macro, in depth shots

Rona Keller is twenty-two years old girl and currently living in the South of Germany, where she study “Design, Art and Media”. Rona Keller started taking photography seriously in