Daily Archives: February 13, 2013

1.North sea from above

1.The Milky Way Galaxy spanning across autumn trees illuminated by a bonfire

1.Gothic City Concept Art by Daniel Kvasznicza

A picture is worth thousand words. You don’t need many words to explain something that appears in a pictorial form. It is an old concept that simply means, picture something that requires a lot of words to explain. Though it is out of my limits to explain love and feelings, I am still trying to

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days celebrated across the world. This day is completely dedicated to the super most feeling, named LOVE. The love binds us in a thread with peace and happiness. So let’s celebrate this day with a pride. And come on, love is not only bounded to a girl

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Valentine’s Day is an expensive day! If you think like this you are probably right. The day that exclusively deals with purest form of feelings, i.e. the love, can’t be a cheap day! This day is all about showing your love and care. Guess, what could be the best way of showing your feelings without

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