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Sun is merely the most important part of human life on this planet earth. Just imagine what could have been our life, if the biggest member of our solar planet. For sure, the lights bill must have gone much higher. The natural beauty of this earth would have become just a dark beauty!

Fashion photography is sometimes mistaken as the art of photography dealing with the glamor only. Yes, glamor is a part of fashion photography but most of the photograph is not about glamor. Fashion photography is something that deals with beautiful clothing, some extremely beautiful models, and some real and amazing body expressions

For my last published post named,” Some Places you will Never Forget!!! ”. If you have missed it out just click, here, “Some Places you will Never Forget!!!”. In this post also like, the last one you will see some very important places of this planet. Some are natural and most of them are man-made.

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1.Cervus elaphus (male)

1.A Clock Tower Home