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The people, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do. Creativity distinguishes the talented from the ordinary and an exposure in wider sense. Creativity expressed your feeling in different – different manner

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament

Barcelona is the place of origin of this house. Defined by really simple geometric designs, this modern AA house is designed by OAB in SPAIN. The designers and architects specify the dimensional characteristics of this house as, “there is a footprint of the house which uses a 7X7 meter skewed grid for the support of

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We have received some pics and information’s regarding a cafe, named L’Atelier Cafe in Cluj, Romania. The project developer says, “The simplest idea was taken into consideration while designing this cafe. We wanted a space that maintains a level of perception regarding the culture

Any office or home without designer and cozy interior looks like bouquet without flowers. Especially when we talk about office of any industry which is related to some creative field like newspaper or magazine, photo studio, music store, fashion studio or architecture and designer studio, it has to be beautifully designed in order to leave

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Can you imagine living in a house very far from everyone? We human beings are social animals and we are brought up in such an environment where we talk to our friends, family and relatives. We feel kind of boring without humans around us

A girl who alone owns a house is said to be very strong and their house are different indeed. Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates have come up with a beautiful design of home which is really remarkable

Beautiful home near mountains, rivers and natural beauty has always been of dreams of most of the people among us. To take their heart and eye pleasant look we go to these natural resources but we are unable to go their whenever we feel like going because of busy schedule and a long distance

We always complain about lack of space at our homes and always search a mastermind who can use our small house area and give us the best results according to our needs. Sometimes you start trying yourself by putting things aside or by buying some furniture from market which are multi functional

In this article we are going to introduce you to a young and very creative designer and artist Giles Miller. He is young, talented and very much dedicated towards his work. He is well known for creating innovative surface, interior and retail design projects that are both playful and experimental

Its summer time and you are feeling really very hot. All you need is to smash in a cool pool all the day. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to go out of city to have fun of that pool and you just drop your idea of going there

We always love to introduce you to the new designers and their work.  In the series today we have brought you to showcase the designs of studio named Geometrix Design. This work is done in an apartment in Moscow. 

When you search for a dream home you want it to be modern, luxuries and like to have a free lifestyle there. A young couple when decided to buy a property somewhere they decided to have this renovated house as their dwelling place. This house is located in Montmorency, France

I know you must be depressed because of the vintage airstream while going on some caravan. They are not clean, not fully equipped and are not comfortable. They look good and amazing from outside but pathetic from inside. But now get ready to take a ride to a modernized vintage airstream