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  1. Fancy living in a converted church

I am always glad to search upon kitchen areas because much they look better my appetite increases and I feel better. I have always been a foodie. Here this time I have brought to you some pictures and a little information about a fantastic place with superb kitchen and dining hall and a wine tasting

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In this article we are going to introduce you to a young and very creative designer and artist Giles Miller. He is young, talented and very much dedicated towards his work. He is well known for creating innovative surface, interior and retail design projects that are both playful and experimental

I wonder why I can’t think like this and how people are so creative. I drink tea or coffee in my cup, wash them and put them on the rack. Maximum which I can do with them is to arrange them making a pyramid

This idea is definitely going to be unique and brilliant in it. We think of ourselves and do anything to enjoy and everything in this word including complex are made for our comfort and entertainment

Oh I just love cupcakes. They have always been my favorite dessert. I just want to get lost in the world of cup cake if some day I get a chance to do the same. Cup cakes are not only favorite of kids and young ones but they are famous among people of every age

Furniture makes your home. If it is good beauty of your house increases but if it does not suit your home your efforts for the interior go in vain. It is the most important part of interior of your house. It adds beauty if chosen correctly. Here we have brought you a fantastic collection of

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Sometimes by force of habit, many people still keep on computer desks, near the monitors, small pots of cacti, ostensibly for protection against radiation. May be these are misconceptions but a living plant is a piece of nature close, and for your eyes these are especially if you will fall blooming cactus

The colorful vision is mixed with the playful look in the home decorated and crafted to make the whole living experience an awesome one with making everyone thing suitably assumed to be the succinct one. Here,we are talking of an architectural sculpture which is void to the applauds

Two internationally renowned artists Bernd and Hilla Becher has created an outstanding  state of the art by using the shape of industrial: silos and water towers, oil tanks and blast furnaces, sheds and barns to Vases of a series of Industry Porcelain Vases which is produced by studio Gentle Giants to decorate your interiors in

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Here, we are talking about the lovely, Suffice and originally an unusual collection of modern furniture Socks + Furniture, a “home” and very comfortable by a Canadian designer Greg popes (Greg Papove) where he presented the idea of union household items to create a cozy  and succinct atmosphere to have the best leisure time

This apartment is a fusion of old and new. Red brick wall is just an outstanding and creative idea. The hall is very long with a proper arrangement of sunlight and proper seating space

Singapore is a beautiful city. Here you will get to see lots of beautiful things from good people to good house. We are showcasing you the interior of an apartment in Singapore. Interior design is developed by specialists from KNQ Associates

Californian studio Able +Baker gave an idea of hiding clutter which gives the impression of displaying different books spines. It’s an awesome idea revealing only required things and hiding the other stuffs behind re-purposed books