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1.Unknown by Ignacio Bazan Lazcano

1.Futuristic Port by Robert Brown

1.Blown-glass trees by Scandinavian designers

1.Borgund stave church, Norway

1.Ministry of Transportation, Tbilisi, Georgia

1.Iron state by FotoN-

1. Long after humanity

  1. Fancy living in a converted church

 1. Armored Boot & Stirrup

1. Orbit Redux- Gary Tonge

1. Angor Wat

  1. St Pauls cathedral (Christopher Wren) and hte north bank of hte Thames, England

Barcelona is the place of origin of this house. Defined by really simple geometric designs, this modern AA house is designed by OAB in SPAIN. The designers and architects specify the dimensional characteristics of this house as, “there is a footprint of the house which uses a 7X7 meter skewed grid for the support of

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We have received some pics and information’s regarding a cafe, named L’Atelier Cafe in Cluj, Romania. The project developer says, “The simplest idea was taken into consideration while designing this cafe. We wanted a space that maintains a level of perception regarding the culture