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1.Glow sticks in a waterfall

1.long exposure of a bottle rocket from

1.Long exposure, Big Ben

1.Grand Canyon and star trails

1.Long exposure of a busy street

1.Caught a Shooting Star while Photographing the Milky Way

Photography is one of the most famous and widely followed passions. The word passion is not always correct to define something, sometimes it is just used to define the things that can’t be defined exactly by other words. Well, leave it .we are here to discuss about some things that makes the life easy. Yes,

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1.10 second exposure of a flaming fireplace

We are a kind of most stupid and selfish species of living beings on this planet. We call the natural fauna and flora the jewel of earth but we just kill them with an axe for our temporary joy. When GOD created this world, it blessed us with a balanced planet. There was something for

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1.It’s hard to take a long exposure photo of yourself without looking and feeling just a little silly.” Long exposure self portrait taken on a London street

1.ND Experiment Vancouver Island…exposure 129 sec

1.angel of death

1.a bridge on the 101 and a cell phone light

 1.Beach fire embers