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Fashion is the term that brings cheers to most of us. The word fashion is so common to follow just after twitter hehehe. Well, being a fashionable is really a cool complement. The more you are fashionable, more you are advance in this rapidly moving world

Make up can really make you go up! A makeup artist is the one, who is naturally blessed with a superpower to create an amazing photogenic face for particular events like, television, cinema, news programs etc. The human body is the canvas for this,” superman”

Modelling is like a fever for the ones who love being in lime light. Hexabelle is one among those. She is beautiful and real talent. Professionally she is a semi professionally modal residing in Yorkshire, UK. She is amazingly keen for her work and of course a real hard worker when it comes to the

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Fashion photography is sometimes mistaken as the art of photography dealing with the glamor only. Yes, glamor is a part of fashion photography but most of the photograph is not about glamor. Fashion photography is something that deals with beautiful clothing, some extremely beautiful models, and some real and amazing body expressions

Michal Pudelka is 21 years old and he was born in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovak Republic. He is a young eccentric photographer living and working in the Czech Republic. He studied art and fashion in Slovakia and France. Pudelka is also founder of fashion magazine called “Anonym’’, and was signed as a photographer to

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I love being a fashion follower.  I mean, how you could not be a fashion lover, if you are in 21st century. It’s a kind of addiction you can’t get rid off! In fact people round the globe are so much addicted to this passion that they can’t even go away during they are at

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Fashion is for everyone. Some gets it comfortably or some as per their appearance. Here go some fashion week images that will make you a bit more tilted towards this glamor industry

Sunglasses are sometimes necessary but most of the times it is just to look cool.  The trendy look you get after being applied with a sun-glass is one of the best avatars of you. There are millions of products regarding, “sun-glass”, tag but the best that suits your personality best should be used

Dresses play a very important role in the life of a civilized human being. It shows the modesty of the person. Dresses play their role in professional life as well as personal life of a person

We women are incomplete without accessories, especially shoes and sandals. We need at least one matching footwear for every dress. A woman feels beautiful in good and designer sandal and feels confident about her

We women always complain that we do not have enough dresses but in actual our wardrobes are filled with lots of dresses but with a little dress to wear. Designers say that we do not need to have lots of dress but a few nice dresses are enough if they are bought wisely and worn

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Just imagine you going somewhere in a beautiful and stunning dress and suddenly you feel hungry and you eat your dress. It looks rubbish no. But believe me its true. Below are the pictures of the dresses which can not only be touched, but also can be tried on the tooth

Till now we used to use dresses to wear but now they are also used as interior. You will come to know about this very soon. There is a certain range of designers whose contribution to the history of fashion has forever changed the face of it, and made such as we see it today

For the girls for whom the charm and obsession of stilettos can never hamper, we are presenting here new and different designer shoes which are inspired by the skeletons of sea monsters, pretending to be shoes. They are fashionable and comfortable while giving a look of the fish stood out to be extremely bony. Thus

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