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1. WWII bunker at night, near Royan, France

1. Old Naxi woman in Lijiang, China

1. 4 lightning bolts strike the Aegean Sea during a 2011 lunar eclipse – Chris Kotsiopoulos

1. Brahin Pallasite (Sliced Meteorite)

1. I thought this was photoshopped, but today I found out that its not. Pretty cool

1. 20 second exposure of a diver under water with the stars able to be seen overhead

1. A little boy lying on his father’s head © Viviane Sassen

1. Stairs In Every Color Of The Spectrum in Wuppertal, Germany

1. ”What is friend?…&#

1. Aquadom at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin

1. Descendant of a million year old species- The Nautilus 

1. The Universe Cascade by Charles Jencks

1. Jane Gang & Studio Gang Architects’ Aqua, the Loop, Chicago, Il

1. Friend who’s a pilot took this 36000 feet above St Louis enroute to Omaha