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We have received some pics and information’s regarding a cafe, named L’Atelier Cafe in Cluj, Romania. The project developer says, “The simplest idea was taken into consideration while designing this cafe. We wanted a space that maintains a level of perception regarding the culture

When it comes to creativity and intelligence, we humans go beyond all our levels and in order to make this world proud on us and to give our best to others we try our level best. Here is an example of the same

To own a big beautiful house under the blue sky is the dream of most of the people on this earth. Here is the design of a house which is beautifully built and has a very decent but an architecture which is attractive and beautiful at the same time

A girl who alone owns a house is said to be very strong and their house are different indeed. Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates have come up with a beautiful design of home which is really remarkable

When you buy a sofa the very first think you check about is its comfort. Although design and material matters, but comfort comes first. But the designer seems to be totally focused on design. Well according to me even designs of the sofas here are also not tempting

We have lots of things at our home which are useful but they do not look good to be seen at our living and dining room. But at the same time because of lack of space at our houses we are bound to put them there only and it badly affects the interior of the

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Beautiful home near mountains, rivers and natural beauty has always been of dreams of most of the people among us. To take their heart and eye pleasant look we go to these natural resources but we are unable to go their whenever we feel like going because of busy schedule and a long distance

We always complain about lack of space at our homes and always search a mastermind who can use our small house area and give us the best results according to our needs. Sometimes you start trying yourself by putting things aside or by buying some furniture from market which are multi functional

Lotus is one the most beautiful flowers in the world. Often beautiful eyes are compared with leaves of lotus. According to mythology lotus has different meanings. It indicated life from death, passion from purity. It denotes youth, beauty, pleasure and the season of spring

When you search for a dream home you want it to be modern, luxuries and like to have a free lifestyle there. A young couple when decided to buy a property somewhere they decided to have this renovated house as their dwelling place. This house is located in Montmorency, France

Furniture makes your home. If it is good beauty of your house increases but if it does not suit your home your efforts for the interior go in vain. It is the most important part of interior of your house. It adds beauty if chosen correctly. Here we have brought you a fantastic collection of

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The colorful vision is mixed with the playful look in the home decorated and crafted to make the whole living experience an awesome one with making everyone thing suitably assumed to be the succinct one. Here,we are talking of an architectural sculpture which is void to the applauds

I don’t think any fancy lady can resist it. Here, we are talking about the cute and beautiful beauty spa by hello kitty. Before the cat meme became popular, Hello Kitty has been a monopoly in this area

Here, we are talking about the lovely, Suffice and originally an unusual collection of modern furniture Socks + Furniture, a “home” and very comfortable by a Canadian designer Greg popes (Greg Papove) where he presented the idea of union household items to create a cozy  and succinct atmosphere to have the best leisure time