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Barcelona is the place of origin of this house. Defined by really simple geometric designs, this modern AA house is designed by OAB in SPAIN. The designers and architects specify the dimensional characteristics of this house as, “there is a footprint of the house which uses a 7X7 meter skewed grid for the support of

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When it comes to creativity and intelligence, we humans go beyond all our levels and in order to make this world proud on us and to give our best to others we try our level best. Here is an example of the same

We humans are very materialistic and very much bend towards money and always want to have lots of it. Now we have banks, insurance companies, policies to save our money but in our childhood we had piggy banks to save whatever we get from our elders or we earned from somewhere

When you will see this house it will be difficult for you to understand that is it a nursery or a house. You will see lots of plants everywhere in front of the house arranged in vertical and horizontal order. Saigon in Vietnam is a city with the highest population densities in the world

To own a big beautiful house under the blue sky is the dream of most of the people on this earth. Here is the design of a house which is beautifully built and has a very decent but an architecture which is attractive and beautiful at the same time

I do not like people peeing into my house but at the same time I love watching activities happening around my house. Well both things are not possible together because when you watch others they also are able to watch you. If you are one of them who like to be transparent like an open

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Any office or home without designer and cozy interior looks like bouquet without flowers. Especially when we talk about office of any industry which is related to some creative field like newspaper or magazine, photo studio, music store, fashion studio or architecture and designer studio, it has to be beautifully designed in order to leave

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What do you wish to have in your dream house? I wish it to be spacious, with proper arrangement of sunlight, fresh air. When you go to travel some place you like to stay at some place which is peaceful, beautiful, luxuries and near to main market

Can you imagine living in a house very far from everyone? We human beings are social animals and we are brought up in such an environment where we talk to our friends, family and relatives. We feel kind of boring without humans around us

A girl who alone owns a house is said to be very strong and their house are different indeed. Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates have come up with a beautiful design of home which is really remarkable

I am always glad to search upon kitchen areas because much they look better my appetite increases and I feel better. I have always been a foodie. Here this time I have brought to you some pictures and a little information about a fantastic place with superb kitchen and dining hall and a wine tasting

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When you buy a sofa the very first think you check about is its comfort. Although design and material matters, but comfort comes first. But the designer seems to be totally focused on design. Well according to me even designs of the sofas here are also not tempting

We have lots of things at our home which are useful but they do not look good to be seen at our living and dining room. But at the same time because of lack of space at our houses we are bound to put them there only and it badly affects the interior of the

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Beautiful home near mountains, rivers and natural beauty has always been of dreams of most of the people among us. To take their heart and eye pleasant look we go to these natural resources but we are unable to go their whenever we feel like going because of busy schedule and a long distance