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1.Kyle & his husband John celebrate Minnesota’s same-sex marriage bill with their kids

1.3 year old girl as a butterfly lands on her face

1.Dutch fisherman and child

1.Bearded and moustached Hippie at an anti-war demonstration in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, by Ralph Crane,

1.Young girl of the Kayapo tribe

1.everyday life: good news

1.A survivor of the massacre on the island of Utoeya outside Oslo, Norway. “I bear my scars with dignity, because I got them standing for something I believe in.&#

1.Proud Grandmother, Shanghai market

1.Curious fox + photographer Dan Dinu

1.Bethany Gilford, Army medic

1.A homesteader, with his wife and their youngest child, in their hand built dugout home. Pie Town, NM – Sept.

1.Kenyan School Children

1.Unidentified Russian special troops soldier

1.Dutch children in the town of Urk, Netherlands