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Jelawat is the very new hurricane Japan just suffered. This hurricane came up with an end of the peak of the tropical cyclone season. When a pressure builds up over a warm ocean, a tropical cyclone occurs

Just sometimes we like to do things on our own and when it comes to assembling things then even a older person or a child become so excited to do it by themselves

Sometimes we feel like hiding our home to get separated from the outer world and here we are talking about the architectural structure that hides the home decorated by glass windows between and behind concrete blocks

In Japan, experts from the architectural studio of Shigeru Ban Architects has designed an exemplary and unique architectural state of the art that is a crescent house built in terrain site in Japan which resembles a crescent moon in the section

As smart as a iPhone  and as a friend as a dog , a smart phone is all that you need as a domestic animal which can behave like just a normal puppy dog. A Japanese company Bandai has released a very unusual variation of the droids smart pets it has become a pet

We all humans are paradoxical by nature. When its winter time we want everything to be hot around us, we like hot to wear, hot to eat and drink. Similarly, in summer we love cool weather, something cool to eat and something which can keep us cool all the time

A group of 16 people in Japan have created a pocket size park which is equal to the area of a bus stop which is known as “Kikuchi Pocket Park”. Weaved into the neighborhood of Kikuchi-city in Kumamoto, Japan, the ‘Kikuchi pocket park’ is a plan of three parks designed by Japanese architect Takao Shiotsuka

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I-house – a beautiful minimalist house, designed by Japanese architect Masahiko Sato (Masahiko Sato) over the Gulf of Sasebo in Nagasaki (Japan). Architecture of the home, located on the slope of the embossed, aimed at minimizing the changes in the natural landscape and to maximize the “capture” picturesque views from the windows

It would not have been awkward and uncomfortable to use the toilet at a party, official or educational establishments, cafes, restaurants and other public places, on my own can not escape. But from the embarrassment caused by may be some physiological characteristics of man, can escape. To do this, Japanese inventors have invented a special

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Japan last year survived the earthquake and tsunami, are still in a state of uncontrollable fear of the water element. Therefore, it is not surprising that the architects of this country was created a project “air villages” Tohoku Sky Village !

Koloro-desk – universal mobile office of the designers of the well known Japanese architectural studio we Torafu Architects . This table is for an adult “girl” looks like a doll house for the – with windows and doors, and even its own artificial light!

About fifty years ago, people thought that our time space flight will be as accessible as their year journey by public transport. Unfortunately, these hopes were not realized. But, perhaps as early as 2050 in space can be reached by elevator – this concept vehicle introduced a Japanese company Obayashi Corporation

The Japanese studio architect Kengo Kuma has developed an unexpected interior stores world-famous network Starbucks in Tokyo (Japan). Japanese minimalism and the flight of the creative ideas led to the creation of low-budget, but obviously attracts attention and intriguing interior

Unusual house called House with empty lot , a project that developed a Japanese architectural studio design ON Partners , located in Fujisawa (Kanagawa, Japan). Architecture and design of dwellings designed for the creative musician’s family, conceived as a hybrid of common living space and the “separate houses inside the house.&#