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Trees and plants are one among the best friends of mankind. We just ignore them most of the time. We cut them, scratch them, and ruin them and what they give us back? Of course oxygen, shadow, cooler air etc. the list is really long and we are just giving the wastage to a tree.

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Francesco Tosi is an awe-inspiring 38 years old Wildlife Photographer capturing the most beautiful wildlife moments by his camera. In spite of his passion for photography has revealed only in middle age, he can say that he was in the photography world since his birth

Nature is the second thing that is awesome in my knowledge, as first is of course me! Hehehe. Well apart from jokes nature is really amazing! We all are blessed with something unique and this all happened only because of our mother nature

I love it when I get flowers as a special gift for me. They are beautiful, scented and of course soothing to see them around you. The flowers are an amazing source of extra energy and passion for something extra in your life. I mean, you will definitely feel good if you are staring at

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Autumn is the time exclusively meant for lovers. The love is in the air. The almighty has designed the nature’s cycle in such a way that there is always an enthusiastic energy present to enhance the living index of a normal human being.  The season of autumn is somewhat could be defined as the season

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Sun is merely the most important part of human life on this planet earth. Just imagine what could have been our life, if the biggest member of our solar planet. For sure, the lights bill must have gone much higher. The natural beauty of this earth would have become just a dark beauty!

Clear blue sky in the top and a lush green grass in the bottom along with something special in the center (not so necessary) is all it takes to capture an amazing landscape photograph. The best example is probably the world’s most famous picture that appears when you switch on your desktop

We are a kind of most stupid and selfish species of living beings on this planet. We call the natural fauna and flora the jewel of earth but we just kill them with an axe for our temporary joy. When GOD created this world, it blessed us with a balanced planet. There was something for

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This is the era of being fake! The more fakers you are, the more successful you are. But whatever the experts say, I personally feel, nothing can simply beat being true! The wrapper you use to hide your lies or fakes is somehow a bit dull then the beauty of real. Talking about the normal

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“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson     The forests are the flags of nature. Forests are no doubt one of the world’s most marvelous natural sceneries! As a photography topic they’re amazingly multipurpose but they can also be a very difficult place to shoot

A waterfall is a place where water flows over a straight down drop in the way of a watercourse or river.  The word “waterfall” is beautiful transparent: a form of flowing water rapidly dropping over a steep cliff

“The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust Scott Stulberg had many gifts in my life…but maybe the best one of all was the camera his father gave him when he was ten years old.  Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and

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Suhari Minggu Ningsih photographer is based in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, and most of her selection specifies an attraction with her inherent area. Its fishermen and women, their lives spent generally on the water, the endless skies shimmering into the water, and the herds of water buffalos are all fixtures in her work

“Mumma! See there it is. “, was my first statement after watching rainbow in the sky for very first time. My mom reply me in a very appreciative tone yes this is the rainbow my dear. Being a child it was awesome to encounter a rainbow in the distant sky