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Make up can really make you go up! A makeup artist is the one, who is naturally blessed with a superpower to create an amazing photogenic face for particular events like, television, cinema, news programs etc. The human body is the canvas for this,” superman”

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught professional photographer from Finland. He is also a digital artist. He started his career in photography on December 2008. According to Mikko “I fell in love with it straight away. I love to view the world from different perspectives. I want to send the picture viewer a feeling of what I

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Vadim Mahorov is a brilliant photographer. He was born on 28 June in Novosibirsk , Russia. Vadim is attracting to capturing the photographs of the cities from height.  He reaches to unusual places which are very hard to take the photographs

Murad Osmann was born on 1985 in the mountains of Dagestan, Russia. After 5 year he moved to Moscow in 1990. Here he is found his interest in photography. In 2001 he has gone to England for his study. In England he has done his engineering degree in civil at Imperial College London. He is

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 Alexandre Deschaumes is a self-taught French photographer who is successful in sublimating the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The illustrator takings the wonderful beauty of otherworldly landscapes by exploring trough the manipulation of light and shadows the reflections of his emotional state

Francesco Tosi is an awe-inspiring 38 years old Wildlife Photographer capturing the most beautiful wildlife moments by his camera. In spite of his passion for photography has revealed only in middle age, he can say that he was in the photography world since his birth

Lee Jeffries lives in Manchester in the United Kingdom.His career began as a sports photographer, capturing the beautiful game of football.A casual meeting with a young homeless girl in the paths of London changes his artistic attitude forever. His recollections that, primarily, he had stolen a photo from this young homeless girl bunched in a

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Who remembers their rural belongings?  Frankly speaking, I have already forgotten my rural roots. Well, I am a bit ashamed for it too! Let’s have a look at the work by, a photographer from New Zealand,  CALLY WHITHAM. She is an extremely amazing photographer who converts something obvious into something that appears to be completely

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Frida Hellman is among those talented photographers who can convert a normal appearing situation into a real amazing picture. Frida is a young photographer from Sweden. She is a bit unique in her field of work with a fact that she uses her own animals for the photo shoot

Nature is the second thing that is awesome in my knowledge, as first is of course me! Hehehe. Well apart from jokes nature is really amazing! We all are blessed with something unique and this all happened only because of our mother nature

What a simple matchstick could do for you? It may create some fire for a small fraction of time or it can help you pass your time when you get bored! Ahh, come on these are all old stuff. Can you guess something new out of a tiny and small matchbox

OMG! What have I seen while surfing through this huge internet? This is known as , peacock spider! This tiny spider is not so easy to find but once you find this little wonder you will be praising yourself

Imagination is the art of enhancing the way and level of anything that appears a bit normal. Imagination can’t really change the physical appearance of the object but it simply modifies the appearance virtually

John&Fish is one of the most popular ornithology photography teams on the well-known photo site flickr. John and Fish are brother and sister, and have been living and working together for over 20 years; and discover life with a common belief in Buddhism