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1.Lady in red – Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

  1. Black Opals

1.Evolved Terra- Star Citizen

1.“Critics are men who…” -Ernest Hemingway

1.Mars from Bungie’s new video game Destiny

1.Coming Soon Lotus Esprit 2013 

1.Mars from Bungie’s new video game Destiny

Birthday is the only day when your mom smiled seeing you cry! A newly born baby is a great source of joy if you. I am sure all of us have stared at a baby’s innocence for some time. This feel is one of the best soothing one. I mean just have a continuous look

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1.The Moving City of Oubliette

1.“So often we become…” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

These three words! Awwww! These words are just a magic to hear anytime, anywhere and if they are coming from your crush’s side, it’s one of the most amazing thing in this world. I LOVE YOU! Nobody forgets the first I LOVE YOU he/she heard in his/her life. These three words, said altogether of course

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A picture is worth thousand words. You don’t need many words to explain something that appears in a pictorial form. It is an old concept that simply means, picture something that requires a lot of words to explain. Though it is out of my limits to explain love and feelings, I am still trying to

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Every Fifth day of the Valentine Week is celebrated as Promise Day i.e. on 11th February. Every person once made a promise to someone they love. In this day has its individual importance for example one grows the sense of safety by getting promises and assurances from one’s mate. Ever boys and girls message from my side …

1.Jaguar XJ