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To own a big beautiful house under the blue sky is the dream of most of the people on this earth. Here is the design of a house which is beautifully built and has a very decent but an architecture which is attractive and beautiful at the same time

I am always glad to search upon kitchen areas because much they look better my appetite increases and I feel better. I have always been a foodie. Here this time I have brought to you some pictures and a little information about a fantastic place with superb kitchen and dining hall and a wine tasting

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In this article we are going to introduce you to a young and very creative designer and artist Giles Miller. He is young, talented and very much dedicated towards his work. He is well known for creating innovative surface, interior and retail design projects that are both playful and experimental

This idea is definitely going to be unique and brilliant in it. We think of ourselves and do anything to enjoy and everything in this word including complex are made for our comfort and entertainment

You must have seen graffiti walls around you or have participated in the competitions related to that in your college and schools. It has been a lot of fun doing that. To add that fun in life we are presenting you some pictures of a house which is the combination of architecture and graffiti

In our holidays we wish to spend our days freely at some good and luxuries place say hotel and if that hotel is situated beside some sea then the pleasure of spending time there becomes twice

Imagine an apartment covered with lots of plants. It feels so refreshed.  A project for the same is on the floor. This is a fantastic project which is called Sky Condos

Sometimes it is very difficult to sit in the same position on chair. Our back and legs start aching. And slowly that pair goes to our mind and takes the form of stress and strain. Oh I hate sitting in one posture for a long time. I hope you all too

There is a different world under sea but we humans have entered into that too with our creativity and hard work. We go there by sub marine, sea orbits etc. In the same series we are presenting you some information about a future project

A Power station is designed for the British city by experts from Heatherwick Studio. This project should be realized on the banks of the River Tees. A power station which is also referred to as a generating station, power plant, or powerhouse is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power

As we know the nature is getting affected by the adverse effects of carbon emission. So, here we are talking about a home that is furnished just below the surface of earth that really makes it a future home and the credit for such an exemplary design goes to House on 8.000 square feet equipped

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In china, the most futuristic and relatively ultra modern construction is taking place where an island likes sculpture which will work throughout the year and thus becoming the new cultural and social center of the city Yingkou

From June 15, 2012 in all Russia IKEA stores are launched which are presenting 46 house hold items formed from recycled plastic, bamboo and are reliable, sturdy and modern. 19 designers were inspired by archive solutions IKEA accumulated over 60 years and launched IKEA PS collection

Don’t you want to fly high like a bird? Of course every one does. Engineers are developing the concept of reality-not flying cars and trying for air bike. Flying Bike – is one such concept vehicles of the future