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1.In 2008, Chile’s long-dormant Chaiten volcano blasted ash some 30 kilometers into the Andean sky

1.Panoramic sunset over the Serengeti, Tanzania

1.Sunset over the Appalachian Mountains – Asheville,

1.Traffic flowed. Neons glowed. Suddenly, a storm! Lightnings popped. And Bangkok stopped

1.The very rare: Fire Rainbow

1.North sea from above

1.Nacreous noctilucent cloud formed by rocket trail

1.Lubbock, TX

1.We live in a beautiful world, Oregon

1.Typical January morning in Tromsø, Norway

1.Crazy lenticular clouds over the Sandwich Islands

1.Gorgeous Sunset in the Mountains Outside Santa Fe

1.Sunrise in Maine

1.How is this? Bog River NY Sunrise