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Religious people have their own special needs, likes and tastes, due to their religious sentiments. For example, they can easily be enjoyed specially created according to their status of gadgets and devices. That’s like the design of specific devices, and we describe in our review

A hundred years ago, the main drug of almost all diseases in the world believed bloodletting. Now, its method of treatment is literally that of any sores. And for a variety of different functions has its own device. Sometimes, quite unusual. That’s the most interesting SlashGear created for medical purposes , just as our present

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The plates are marching with firm step on the territories previously occupied by the confidence the personal computers and laptops. To release its own “pill” and decided to head global innovator – the corporation Google . Moreover, it will be very expensive gadget costs about $ 200. The name of the future devaysa – Nexus

The human body is spending a decent amount of energy on a daily existence. Even when we sleep, this complex system works. This is the time and effort just want to use for the benefit of the creators of mobile gadgets very unusual mask AIRE , which serves both a charger

Not long ago, the camera in the mobile phone seemed a real triumph of scientific and technological progress! Now the surprising lack thereof in the apparatus, as well as smartphone Nokia 808 , which is built camera with a resolution … 41 megapixels !

Technology and film fans surely know what the “Terminator look.” This is an interactive information superimposed on the image seen by the person (or robot). That’s just the technology and plans to start production of the corporation Google , and, in the very near future!

If you are blind , it does not mean that you do not want to dress fashionably , and certainly does not mean that you do not want to know what’s going on in the world around you. That is to combine two of these legitimate desires, just created a concept called Sight Braille

In the past year, several leading manufacturers have created phones with screen sizes that they are fit to be called “tablet”. But the designer Camille Israel established the concept of a modular device Mobikoma , which the user himself can decide which gadget he needs at any given moment

A computer can have many guises – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, game console, PDA, Tamagotchi, in the end. But always it is a specific device, which, at least you can touch. But the designers Zhong-fa Lie and Yoori Koo presented a concept called Activator PC from the very very distant future. It is a computer

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Now look at the ceiling only if the person so there is nothing to do, so that even the boring pastime somehow dilutes the depression. But thanks to the device Rooftop ceiling lights is a word will gain a new, much more positive and full of meaning!

Chocolate, flowers, and a mobile phone – girls are the main gifts of our time. A few Japanese companies have decided to unite in one devayse, at least two items from this list. And there was a mobile phone Q-Phone pot

Wireless mice are good because they give users more mobile capabilities, compared with his “tailed” comrades. But among the disadvantages can include the need to constantly change batteries on the consumption of energy. But the company has created a Genius world’s first mouse, which does not need batteries , – Genius DX-Eco !

Child – a man too! And, then, nothing human is alien to him! That’s plates. While the adults around the world can not tear himself away from his “pills”, children also want to own such a computer. Here’s to them and created the tablet Kurio

Twenty years ago, most computer users were breaking over the eyes of a 14-tidyuymovymi monitors. Now it is available at the prices and the widest screens diagonals. If you prefer, you can monitor and the wall in turn. Here are a few of today’s digital walls and we will tell you today