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1.Milky Way over one of Florida’s Last Remaining Dark-Sky Beaches

1.The globular cluster Palomar 12, captured by Hubble

1.Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon above Los Angeles

1.Photoshop of a nebula on top of a night sky

1.The “Flying V”, two galaxies colliding

1.A Sun Halo — like the Sun is being viewed through a large lens

1.The Milky Way Galaxy spanning across autumn trees illuminated by a bonfire

1.Crystal clear picture of Saturn

1.The Moon and the

1.Curiosity Rover and its tracks can be seen from Mars Orbit

1.A night side picture of Saturn with its small “brother moons” Atlas, Prometheus, and Epimetheus

1.Sizzling Remains of a Dead Star

1.Ion Thruster Sets World Record: It has a fuel efficiency that is 10-12 times greater than a chemical thruster and has been operated for over 43,000 hours. This will allow it to perform extended tours of multi-asteroids, comets, and outer planets and their moons

1.The ISS floating in front of The Moon