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The fields of space exploration, health care, public safety, entertainment, defense, and more are advancing in robotics. Some of these robotic machines are full automatic and some require human input to work. Robots are extending our capabilities to grasp and works as our surrogates where human capabilities are not enough

Just sometimes we like to do things on our own and when it comes to assembling things then even a older person or a child become so excited to do it by themselves

Many people from us want to renovate their house as it is not modern and filled with new technology. It was built when we were not aware of the luxuries which we could furnish in it

Just imagine you are out of the house without umbrella and it starts raining. It looks beautiful when you free and just waiting for the rain to get soaked in it and to enjoy it. But it becomes painful when you do not need it. It is more painful when you are going for some

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Sometimes it is very difficult to sit in the same position on chair. Our back and legs start aching. And slowly that pair goes to our mind and takes the form of stress and strain. Oh I hate sitting in one posture for a long time. I hope you all too

There is a different world under sea but we humans have entered into that too with our creativity and hard work. We go there by sub marine, sea orbits etc. In the same series we are presenting you some information about a future project

Many men and women deal with the irritating process of spreading a cold lump of butter on a piece of toast. Anyone who has ever tried it, know how it makes everything messy and we get irritated soon

A Power station is designed for the British city by experts from Heatherwick Studio. This project should be realized on the banks of the River Tees. A power station which is also referred to as a generating station, power plant, or powerhouse is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power

As we know the nature is getting affected by the adverse effects of carbon emission. So, here we are talking about a home that is furnished just below the surface of earth that really makes it a future home and the credit for such an exemplary design goes to House on 8.000 square feet equipped

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Don’t you want to fly high like a bird? Of course every one does. Engineers are developing the concept of reality-not flying cars and trying for air bike. Flying Bike – is one such concept vehicles of the future

Some buildings are really like dreams. They look as if we are dreaming but today the technology has got so advanced that all these dreams are becoming reality and dreams are not remaining dreams only

As smart as a iPhone  and as a friend as a dog , a smart phone is all that you need as a domestic animal which can behave like just a normal puppy dog. A Japanese company Bandai has released a very unusual variation of the droids smart pets it has become a pet

The architectural studio 3 deluxe has developed an excellent and futuristic design agency office SYZYGY located in Frankfurt, Germany. The whole environment here is totally unique having spatial dynamics creating an informal atmosphere for the people working here

Here we are introducing a town which is a perfect example of modernization and up gradation in the field of architecture without changing its original historical architecture