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Madagascar is publicly the Republic of Madagascar and previously known as the Malagasy Republic, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of Africa. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar is the fourth-largest island and 47th largest country in the world

So here is the last part of the series regarding some places of this earth that you will never be able to forget. In fact the places are so much amazing, that I would refer you to visit all of them before you die. Here are the last two parts of this series,”Some Places you

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For my last published post named,” Some Places you will Never Forget!!! ”. If you have missed it out just click, here, “Some Places you will Never Forget!!!”. In this post also like, the last one you will see some very important places of this planet. Some are natural and most of them are man-made.

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There are so many beautiful places in the world . Thailand, Spain, France, Paris, Switzerland, Italy is one of them. Italy is officially the Italian Republic or unitary parliamentary republic in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps

Traveling the world is one of my dreams! Feeling of the world covered under my feet will definitely be top of the world. It’s a matter of luck, when I will get a chance to travel the world. But for sure, whenever I will travel to a long distance, I will have a camera with

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Travel photography is one of the categories of photography which includes the documentary of landscape, people, cultures, customs and history of a particular a area. Travel photograph has been described as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has

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Its summer time and you are feeling really very hot. All you need is to smash in a cool pool all the day. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to go out of city to have fun of that pool and you just drop your idea of going there

Just imagine a Hotel inside water. It sounds so exciting and thrilling. We all know that Dubai is a fantastic place and we get to know about many futuristic and unique building there

Whether you are a kid or a teenager, an adult or a grown up man you never say no to some water park, beach or river bank. When you get frustrate of working for a long time in summers you just die to go to some water park to cool you down and believe me

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Sometimes we need to escape from the worries and stress of daily life just by going for a vacation at such a place where we need the much required serenity along with the luxury which can make us feel breath away

Beaches, Candle light dinner, Soft music in a beautiful resort. This seems to be a perfect idea for romantic date or honeymoon. In the series here is a 5 star resort named Constance Moofushi Resort situated in Maldives

Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film

Solar is an energy that is free and renewable. If it is mixed with the leisure then it can really help those people for whom it is really hard to spend a holiday with all fun and enjoyment like you could soak up the sun, or go and observe dolphins and other marine life

When the Greece comes in mind, there are several scenes which come in mind having scenic panoramas of the Aegean Sea, captured from the property located between Paradise and Paranga beaches