2 Into 1 VS Dual Exhaust: A Motorcycle Exhaust Comparison

Motorcycle Exhaust

The exhaust system of your motorcycle is what keeps you and your passenger from breathing in the carbon monoxide and fumes while you ride. Your muffler makes the engine quieter. Your bike came with an exhaust system, so you might be wondering why you would want to buy motorcycle parts online to upgrade your exhaust system. Here is general information about the two, but you should probably talk to your professional mechanic for specifics about your bike and the way you ride.

Types of Exhaust Systems – 2 Into 1

In a 2 into 1 exhaust system, two pipes emit fumes into one muffler. Typically, the one benefit with a 2 into 1 system is that the pipes are lighter, which makes your bike lighter. You might get a smoother idle because the airflow will be more balanced. This exhaust system performs better at low RPMs. You might get better gas mileage and higher efficiency. 2 into 1 systems are most common on sporty, smaller bikes.

Types of Exhaust Systems – Dual Exhaust

Dual exhaust systems are more common on touring bikes and larger bikes. If you’re looking for the traditional rumble of the Harley bike, you want a dual exhaust. In a dual exhaust system, the pipes combine before splitting. Because the exhaust gases can exit faster, you’ll get more engine horsepower, up to 20%. You’ll probably experience higher gas mileage, too. The engine runs more efficiently, keeping the temperature lower, which makes it last longer. However, a dual exhaust system can be more expensive than the 2 into 1.

Why Replace Your Factory Exhaust?

Why spend money to upgrade your factory parts when you could buy high quality motorcycle gloves that look fantastic? It’s not like everyone actually notices the exhaust system. The motorcycle manufacturer was meeting specs for a broad spectrum of customers and emissions regulations. The manufacturer wasn’t concerned so much about the way you wanted your bike to ride as much as meeting their budget to make the biggest profit.

Installing aftermarket mufflers can make your bike lighter, which increases horsepower. The exhaust system affects the look and performance of your bike. You can change how your bike sounds with a different exhaust system. Having an exhaust system that flows better reduces the work of the engine, which makes your bike last longer and run better.

Selecting the Right Exhaust System for Your Bike

The type of bike you have and the way you use your bike will factor into what type of system works best for you. You can get more power with a slip-on muffler, which is less expensive than modifying your entire system. If you think you want to overhaul the entire exhaust system, you should think out your plan before you purchase motorcycle or OEM ATV parts that won’t work together effectively.

One thing to keep in mind is emissions requirements for your state. Some states don’t even have periodic inspections, while other states regulate bikes very carefully. Check your local requirements before investing in modifications.

Update your motorcycle with an exhaust system that boosts your gas mileage and gives you more power. Shop for quality motorcycle parts today.

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