Talkspace and the Winter Months


What is Talkspace? Talkspace is a resource for locating therapy online. With this convenient app, you can get the therapy you need without ever having to go to an office. Not only that, you can get your therapy for much less than you would pay at a standard therapist’s office. For example, a teenager can […]

5 Ways to Make Money Using a Computer


Computers are extremely dynamic tools, and they can solve a lot of different problems. Though pages of code, these machines can be programed to solve mathematical equations and compute processes for the users at hand. The files in your computer and the connection to the hub is how your computer connects you to the online […]

Does Your Office Need to Improve Its Wireless Network?

Wireless Network

Wireless Internet: it’s an essential tool for conducting business in the twenty-first century. Without a robust wireless network, most companies would grind to a halt — but just because your office has a wireless network doesn’t necessarily mean it is necessarily meeting all your needs.

Three Reasons for Making Staff Training a Priority

Many managers expect their staff to come with a wealth of knowledge and experience when they’re hiring. While that ought to be the case, it soon becomes apparent that the staff is falling behind in an evolving industry you’re in. Given how fast the world is changing, what once worked becomes obsolete, and companies are […]

How to Reduce Response Bias in Polls with the Right Questions

Response Bias in Polls

Response bias is really an umbrella term that can refer to a wide range of different types of biases that influence the responses participants give in polls. Ultimately however any type of bias will affect the accuracy of the data, and make the poll itself less meaningful.

Your 3 Step Guide to Quickly Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin

Everyone today wants to get into cryptocurrency. Despite the price fluctuations of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency continues to grow, especially as interest grows in the blockchain technology behind it. A growing list of companies accept Bitcoin as payment and they’re easier to use than ever.

Best Classic PC Games You Should Still Play

PC Games

Ever since video games appeared, a world of innovation was created, with countless titles that ended up being cult classics. People still argue about the best games that were ever created. It is a certainty that this debate will never actually end. With hundreds of titles that can be contenders, what are the best classic […]