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March 2020

BM in Gaming

Gaming has a lot of jargon and/or slangs that professional or regular players are well versed with. They speak it like it is a language in its own right. This may be overwhelming for a fresher who has just begun his venture in the world of

5 Unique Gifts for Co-workers

Are you looking for a unique gift for a co-worker? There can be pressure when it comes to giving gifts to co-workers and workplace gift-giving, but if the office is on the same page about price limits, etc.

RNG in Gaming

In the world of gaming, a player has to keep in mind a long list of acronyms that are being used to keep track of who is saying what. It can be complex, and new ones are invented ever so often. But when it comes to games, you are also

How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming

Amongst all operating systems, Windows 10 ranks at the top for a gamer since it is a favorite of most of them. When Microsoft came up with Windows 10, they optimized the operating system and made it like a match made in heaven to adapt to