3 Experiential Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Experiential Gifts

There’s at least one person in your life that causes you to pull your hair out every Christmas. Not because they’re a bad person or anything, but because, when you ask them what they want, they give you a confident, “nothing”.

The person who has everything is confident and fulfilled – which is totally great – but they’re also super annoying. Conventional gifts, like clothing, kitchenware, electronics or tools, just won’t cut it, nor will cash. If you really want to please the person who has everything, you have to think outside of the gift box.

You have to give them an “experiential” gift this Christmas.

Why Give an Experiential Gift?

Simply put, an experiential gift is the gift of an experience. Rather than getting them something physical (which they clearly don’t need) you get them something they can experience. It’s a becoming an increasingly popular form of gift giving, for a few different reasons:

  • Experiential gifts are better for the environment – since you’re not buying anything physical, there is no waste, no manufacturing footprint and no disposable wrapping.
  • Experiential gifts are memorable – you can always get someone more things, but the gifts they will remember the most are the ones they actually experienced.
  • Experiential gifts can bring you closer together – giving the gift of an experience has been scientifically shown to foster a stronger relationship than a physical gift.   
  • Experiential gifts don’t impose – some people have limited space in their home, which is why they don’t want anything for Christmas. Experiential gifts allow you to get them something without burdening them with more stuff.

Those are a few of the reasons people are starting to give experiential gifts. Now, let’s take a look at a few examples. Here are three experiential gifts that even the most fulfilled person in your life will love.  

An Exhilarating Game of Axe Throwing

Take your loved one out for a one-on-one axe throwing competition, or pay for them to join an axe throwing league in the spring. Either way, introduce them to this exhilarating new sport, which is an experience far more unforgettable than any item of clothing or electronic. Even if your loved one has everything, chances are they haven’t tried axe throwing – and, who knows, you may get them hooked on their next new hobby.

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A Cooking Class in Their Favourite Cuisine

Does the loved one in your life love Italian food, Thai food, Mexican food? Find out their favourite type of food and then book them a cooking class in that cuisine. As the old saying goes, give someone an Italian meal and they’ll eat well for a day, but teach them how to cook an Italian meal, and they’ll eat well for life!

A Ticket to See Their Favourite Performer in Concert

Finally, a great, straightforward way to give an experiential gift is to get concert tickets. People used to give one another records and CDs, but with the advent of music streaming, these objects have become a bit redundant. If you want to wow a music lover these days, allowing them to experience their favourite act live is the far better way to go.

This Christmas, rather than a tool, take them axe throwing; rather than a kitchen appliance, get them a cooking class; and rather than an album, get them a concert ticket. For the person who has everything, make Christmas a memorable “experience”.

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