In this current business scenario, it is essential to keep things organized online. When it comes to businesses, right apps and software can create a huge difference in productivity of the employees. Using these tools, the employees can attend to their task, track them, and communicate with each other. This allows you to remain on top of your business functioning and management. It also offers you flexibility and simplicity to deal with daily tasks.

To provide you with these capabilities, there are multiple project management software that are available in the market. A project management tool is essentially a software that allows you to manage your business by allocations of tasks to your team, generating progress reports, a deadline set up, allocating resources and keeping track of the actions performed by your team.

Here, we present to you our list of top 5 enterprise project management systems that you can use to manage your business and achieve better results from your employees.

  1. Zoho

It is an ideal system when it comes to planning projects. It provides you the ability to set milestones, tasks, and subtasks. It also allows you to schedule activities as per your deadlines. It has great task monitoring system which allows your employees to share as well as discuss data.

It has both intuitive as well as user-friendly interface. You are provided with Gantt Charts to monitor project progress. It also allows you to execute different operations from a single page. It stores necessary information as well as documentation in a single database which you can easily access.

It helps you in tracking and eliminating bugs. It also allows users to define custom workflows as well as business rules. It suits the requirements of a small as well as a large size business. It is among the best enterprise solution with great customization feature. This feature allows you to expand the functionality as well as the collaboration of the system as per requirement.

It has great security structure as only authorized employees are allowed to access client information. This feature is quite useful as most enterprises are connected to cloud-hosted systems.

  1. Taskworld

Taskworld is one of the best project management software available in the market. It provides shared visual workspace to all the employees which enable them to collaborate with each other. Users can also create tasks for other team members. They can also manage various tasks with the assistance of a spectrum of great features. It has great interactive as well as an attractive interface. This software provides you a timeline view of different projects and tasks. This allows you not to be dependent on third-party integrations. Hence, this provides ability to keep things under control.

taskworld screenshot

Using this software, you can manage multiple tasks, each related to different projects via the use of a single window. You can also filter the projects according to different parameters like status, due date, etc. The tasks distinguished as per their due dates are separated with different color schemes. This software also provides extensive support with its instant messaging service. It allows you to communicate with you employees on different channels for various projects. It also helps you to keep updated information of each task performed by the employees. Hence, it allows you to track the progress of your tasks.

You are allowed to add a number of projects and also view their status. From the “Project Folders” window, you can check the start date of the projects. You are offered with unlimited storage so that you can keep as much information you require and you won’t run out of storage space.

You can also check the status of the projects with its unique feature  Project Health Status Reporting and Analytics. It provides you a status report of projects which includes start date, time elapsed, completion date, remaining time and current status of the task performed and left. Hence, it offers you a complete overview of the project. With its interactive dashboard, you can check the different actions executed by the employees. Some of the renowned clients of TaskWorld are Samsung, AT&T, Amazon, Netflix, and SalesForce, so they have a strong portfolio and experience.

For PC, Taskworld is available in the form of a website. For mobile users, it is also available on Android and iOS.

  1. Microsoft Project

It is quite a flexible tool when it comes to project portfolio management as well as daily work which is delivered via Office 365. It allows the businesses to start managing project portfolio investments with ease. It also delivers these with success as per the intended business value.


This software provides the businesses the capability to manage their tasks in an efficient way. It is a powerful and visually enhanced platform to effectively manage the projects as well as programs. Using this software, the user can meet important deadlines and can also choose the right resources as per the requirement of the task. It also empowers the office teams. It provides an intuitive experience in order to plan, manage as well as collaborate with different people, teams along with the enterprise.

This project management software is particularly designed for individuals who need to manage real-life projects. Since the project circumstances and processes change all the time, this software allows the user to keep updated with the changes. Utilizing this tool, the user can add new tasks or even review the entire organization of the project in the midway. This flexibility allows the user to make necessary changes which increase project output efficiency. This tool is highly intuitive and provides perfect mix of usability as well as complexity. This software is used by businesses from different sectors such as retail, financial institutions, manufacturing, healthcare, government, etc.

  1. Workfront

Workfront is an excellent project management software. It provides a complete solution to various business-related aspects as such as work management, project management and much more. It offers complete view of their operations and hence allows the business to determine issues as well as trends. This helps team members comprising of sales specialists to administrative personals and even executives. It enables them to remain aware of every situation of the business and allows them to optimize the projects and to take complete control.

improved project efficiencies

This software allows the business to understand as well as improve their portfolio along with project management processes. It is achieved due to its user-friendly and flexible construction. It ranges from a variety of simple, intuitive as well as customizable project dashboards along with real-time reporting. It also provides comprehensive operations’ visibility.

It offers an unlimited capability to the user to customize the system according to his requirements and demands. It comes with over 80 standard reports. It also provides consistent as well as real-time updates for its dashboard information along with reports. This allows the team members to access accurate and reliable data at any time. Capacity planning, prioritized sorting of projects and task management are its premium functionalities. It also comes with collaborative tools which empower the team members to collaborate and offer qualitative updates. Hence, it results in improved performance as well as output.

  1. Basecamp

It is among the best project management software that allows the user to easily set up an account and directly jump into project management. The user is offered with the ability to organize team members, delegate tasks as well as monitor progress of these tasks from the get-go.


It provides a comprehensive solution to managing projects as well as team members. Even if the team members are in different time zones, using this software, the user can manage them with ease. It comes with wide range of features as well as tools which allows the businesses to efficiently and effectively monitor various projects and get them completed on time and within the budget. The most valuable functionalities of this software are expertly coupled with an intuitive as well as a user-friendly program which can run in few minutes. It can be hosted in the cloud and also be provided as a service. This doesn’t require any maintenance and updated to be made by the user.

This tool comes with 24/7 technical assistance and also has a large users community along with Live Q&A base. This allows you to find all the answers to your queries within few minutes.

Using this project management software, all tasks can be easily organized in to-do lists which constitute due ranges as well as dates along with assigned employees. This structure helps in avoiding any confusion. It also allows you to prioritize and reorder the tasks and also tailor the system to function as per your requirements. After completion of every operation, this software provides a summary of accomplishments and allows you to generate automated reports. This helps you in gauging the performance and also saves your time.

The innovative campfires provide the ability to the user to use pings as well as chat with individuals as well as teams in a real-time basis. Hence, it allows the user to reach consensus at a faster rate to make important decisions. Basecamp can also be used as documents and files manager. It allows you to store, link, share, tag and even comment on business information via a simple drag-and-drop function. It also comes with features such as notifications, automated check-ins, searching filters and latest activity feeds.

With this, we end our list of top 5 best enterprise project management software which you can use to effectively manage your business and achieve targeted results. Do let us know about your views and comment on the section below.