5 Best Luggage Bags For Travel in India (2020)

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Do you wonder what bag to use for your holidays and meetings? Well, we have your back for all your queries related to the best luggage bags.

While it is mainly to free your holiday stress, it is not to be denied that not every bag is created in equal measure. Please take advantage of our suggestions for the right bag before packing everything you need.

You need to know that you will be dealing with various kinds of trolley bags if you want to purchase a new trolley bag before your monthly holiday. This can be frustrating for all the information, not to mention an exhausting one.

Truly, picking a baggage sack can be perplexing. Yet, we have arranged this manual for assisting you with handling this issue without any problem. When you are finished with this guide, you will have the option to pick the most appropriate baggage sack for your excursions effectively.

In today’s world, travel is inescapable. Family tours, business trips, school & college trips, trekking, and much more are part of everyday routine. It has become important to have a durable, stylish, and easy to carry trolley bags that come with a number lock, wear, and tear-resistant wheels, and warranty. 

Choosing a good trolley bag is not easy, though, and that’s why we surveyed to give you a list of India’s best trolley bags in our buying guide.  

With limitless options available on the market, purchasing bags may seem the easiest thing to do, but if you consider the ramifications of your decision:

  • It’s not exactly cheap.
  • It will occupy the lion’s share of your storage space and be your travel companion for a few years at least.
  • You’ll understand why this needs to be an informed decision.

So here’s our quick guide about things to consider before choosing your next travel companion.

While the type of bag you need comes from the type of trip you take, your travel calendar is sometimes not as easily defined. If your travel itinerary includes a business trip that later becomes a holiday on the beach with a trek thrown in, you need something to see you through all your plans. Thanks to major material and design innovations over the past decade, a whole range of hybrid bags offer versatility never before seen in what a single piece of luggage can do—for example, trolley backpacks, suitcases that can be transformed into a backpack, etc.

Which type of travel bag should one prefer?

Not all types fit your special needs or may not. Other items, like travel, baggage, length, and so on, are taken into account. Keep these factors in mind before you can figure out what to buy. Air travel requires a lightweight carriage bag, as there is a limit on luggage and weight. A strong handle and a hard shell should be placed on the flight trolley bag as luggage is thrown slowly while in transport and cargo.

The train and road are the most common means of transport, and these journeys require a particular kind of trolley bag entirely different from what we buy in the air. A bag that suits the dice or the room under the seat is the best choice for both train and road journeys. The same goes for the boat; the trolley bag will fit into your room or cabin.

Five best travel bags to look out for in 2020

Let us have a look at the five best travel bags you must look for in 2020:

American Tourister polyester (Best Luggage Bags)

  • This is the best luggage bag currently available on the market and is perfect for all those vacations that you have planned with your friends/family.
  • Built out of good-quality polycarbonate and weighing just 2.6 kg, this luggage bag is perfect for flight check-ins.
  •  It also features four wheels, making it easy to carry it around while the number lock system makes it highly secure to use.
  • With its spacious double compartment, you can carry as much as you want and can easily pack for a long trip to any place.


· Lightweight

· Durable and Scratch-Free Exterior

· 2 Spacious Compartments

· Wheels for easy portability


· Difficulty in opening the number lock


Amazon basics (Best Luggage Bags)

The first thing you need to check if the bag is very robust when selecting a good carry bag. Since this model comes from one of the leading luggage brands, VIP, you may want to look more closely. Surely the bag is spacious and yet compact with a smart and beautiful design. It comes with an ease-collapsing butterfly lock and a handle. 


  • The style is elegant and lightweight.
  • The butterfly clasp and the dropping handle are included.
  • Two wheels are included
  • It also has a strong support base
  • And a three years quality guarantee is also included


  • It should have been better built


Carlton Sherwood 68 cm (Best Luggage Bags)

It is not surprising to see Carlton’s trolley luggage for the right reasons, with over 40 years of experience in the luggage industry. This bag is black in pitch and is also fitted with a pull-down handle and two wheels on the other side. It contains two compartments, the main one for storing clothing and a smaller compartment for storing your laptop. It is also available. Surely the bag is well built, and it catches your eye instantly.


  • It has a well-designed handle on one side and two rollers on the other.
  • It is compatible with a laptop
  • It is available in 44 cm x 29 cm x 57 cm dimensions (LxWxH)
  • This also has an exclusive three-year guarantee


  • Slightly expensive when compared to competitors. 


VIP VERVE (Best Luggage Bags)

One of the key things about this trolley case is its overall design and color, which is definitely a very eye-catching product. In addition, it comes with a sturdy box and is made of polycarbonate that can withstand tremendous stress and pressure. The case is good and has a capacity of 112 liters and is definitely fairly spacious. With this case, you should not find much room for restriction.


  • It contains a sturdy case and is made entirely of polycarbonate.
  • This also has a number lock, four wheels, and a dropping handle.
  • The dimensions are 57.5 x 33 cm x 79.5 cm (LxWxH). The following are provided
  • There is also a mutual contract for three years.


  • Poor after-sale service


Safari Polyester (Best Luggage Bags)

This particular model comes from the company safari, which, for a while now, has been making some attractive and lightweight luggage. The bag itself is blue and has a bent handle and wheels on the other end. This bag is certainly spacious enough; it also comes with a bag and several side pockets to store some of the key things, including tickets. 


  • It has a smart design.
  • It has an internal system of the wheel
  • The following measurements are available: 69 cm x 34 cm x 39 cm (LxWxH)
  • There is also a mutual contract for three years.


  • The bag is not waterproof


Types of best luggage bags you can choose from

Let us help you understand the details of a perfect travelling bag to sort out the clutter and guide you through a travelling bag’s various technicalities. If you’re travelling frequently, you’ve got to know most important aspects to consider. This guide would definitely be an add-on, but if you’re just the starter or an occasional traveler, we’ve tried to keep it simple. Let us look at the types of travel bags available in the market to grab your hands on:

Two-wheeler trolley bags (Best Luggage Bags)

These suitcases come with trolley bag wheels of just two dimensions. We will list the pros and cons of trolley suitcases of this sort. Read them and decide whether they would be your travel companions!!!


  • They are easy to carry because they are primarily light in weight and perfectly suited for small tours and trips.
  • They are very easy to pull on rough surfaces and stuffy, busy lanes.


  • Wheels are usually similar to skateboarding and can be pushed or pulled. Because of this, it is difficult to change the direction of the bag, and the bag should be lifted altogether.

Four wheeler travel bags

The four sides of the trolley bag contain wheels.


  • The presence of 4 wheels allows for easy movement.
  • It’s also a very rare need to shoulder, and therefore stress on hands and shoulders is less.
  • It is possible to place the bag through the surface, even in the vertical position.


  • Can’t easily be snapped off.
  • The bag doesn’t stay on an inclined surface without holding or putting it down.


Probably these are the most convenient way to carry a pair of clothes and certain important items. They are very casual and preferred for outdoor excursions such as camping or picnic. Backpacks suit the best for people who prefer to travel light and stay free to enjoy the journey. Backpacks generally have a large portion to hold large items such as laptops and clothes. There are a number of other pockets to place your other documents and small items with confidence. Usually, they have padded strips that go along your shoulders and waist.

Large Suitcase

Large suites are intended to cater for long trips to your luggage requirements. They are suitable for the house all the necessary supplies of clothes and other things to help you easily manage a long trip. Those can be categorized in soft and hard side luggage again. The bags’ large pockets are supplied with a soft side bag with zippers along with stiffeners to easily hold your little items.

Hard Suitcase

Mostly these are heavy than their counterparts. They’re tough to absorb the shocks of a long, stain-resistant adventurous trip. They attach great importance to safety and come with locks, wheels, and straps. They are generally made of hard fabrics and materials such as plastics, metal, and other molded materials. To protect your fragile items, they are sturdy and robust and are often covered with leather and other soft materials.

Hard-sided bags are perceived to be more durable. But now with strong new materials (think, ballistic nylon fabric) being used for soft-sided ones that are not necessarily accurate any longer. The other challenge arises when your hard luggage sees any wear and tear – cracks and dents can rarely be repaired. Although your bag may still be functional, it’s an unsightly addition to your style of travel. Soft-sided bags give you more flexibility when it comes to stuff in more stuff, but hard-sided bags ensure that your pickle bottle remains intact. Finally, you also need to be mindful of how this piece of luggage will be stored after the trip.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag 

Traveling can be a passion for many adventure hunters and gypsies who roam worldwide to explore the extreme pleasures of travelling or just a business requirement or an annual holiday plan for relaxation. It doesn’t matter which strata you fall into. Still, the common requirement you would always have would be a good travelling luggage to carry all your important items. The type of bag you require will definitely differ based on your specific travel purpose. Ensure that you follow the underneath tips when finding the ideal gear pack for yourself. 

There are dozens of types on the market that suit the purpose and occasion of travel to fulfill YOUR set of demands. Whether you want to tote around Italy with a backpack, a trip to the metro in the country with a laptop bag, or a cruise to celebrate your first anniversary of a marriage, you’ll always be looking for a practical way to keep your suites wrinkle-free with all the important documents, a perfect bag.

Always Pick The Light Option

Paying an airport for extra baggage can dampen your excitement on the trip. So if you’ve got a heavy travel bag even when it’s empty, you’re losing out. Make sure it doesn’t weigh more than 3 kg while buying a travel bag to save yourself enough to stuff it! You have a choice between a hard shell or a softshell suitcase. It is recommended that you buy a hard case suitcase if you generally travel with fragile items and at low-security or high-rainfall places. However, these are not expandable as the soft shell ones lack outside pockets and can break or scratch faster than those of the softshell.

A Bag With Wheels Is The Best Thing To Have

Who likes to carry their travel bag when they have an option to pull along? Airport walks can be long and tiring, and so you’ll be grateful if your bag has wheels and a comfortable handle. When it comes to handles, make sure you select a travel bag with a completely retractable handle, allowing you to adjust its length according to your height. Usually, four-wheel suitcases are easier to use, thanks to their easily ploying through cramped spaces. However, thanks to the external wheels, they can exceed the general length of suitcases. So make sure you check the length of a travel bag with four wheels before you buy it.

Do not compromise on quality

Of course, the price you are considering for the travel bag is a huge determining factor, but it is not the most important factor. Remember, your travel luggage is a long-term investment, so you can choose it carefully. It needs to be lasting, and that won’t come at a low cost. Rather than focusing on getting the lowest price, be sure to focus on getting the most value for your money. Ideally, going for a branded suitcase is the right way to go, since they usually come with a guarantee. If you don’t want a fortune to be spent, wait for it to go on sale.


After zeroing down on a trolley bag, the first thing to consider is the guarantee. The higher the manufacturer’s guarantee, the better the quality will be. Prefer bags that come with a longer period of warranty.

Number Of Pockets

The larger the number of pockets, the more a trolley bag can carry the luggage. Depending on your luggage and the period of travel, you have chosen a trolley bag that will suit your needs. In general, it is good to choose a trolley with more pockets.

Waterproof bags

Rain is unpredictable, and so it is always a good idea to choose a waterproof trolley bag. This saves your staff from rain, spills, and moisture though expensive.

So with this information, we trust that you now know how to select a trolley bag based on your need. Keep in mind the tips above, and we’re sure you’ll have the Best trolley bag in your cupboard for your travel needs.

Think about the Duration and Type of Travel 

Before you really begin taking a gander at the gear sacks, you have to decide the length and the sort of movement. In the event that you are going for a typical end of the week trip, at that point, you needn’t bother with a major gear pack for your stuff. A little backpack or duffle pack would do. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are going on a more extended excursion, at that point, you may require a bag or a greater rucksack. Likewise, your baggage pack significantly relies upon the sort of excursion that you are going on. For climbing/outdoors trips, a knapsack that can hold your tent and climbing gear is fitting. In any case, for an excursion to an inn, you can take a moving bag for included comfort. 

Think about your Transportation Mode 

Next, you have to decide the sort of transportation that you are going to take on your outing. On the off chance that the majority of your time would be spent on strolling or changing numerous transportation modes, at that point, a light carry-on or a moving sack would be incredible. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you won’t be on the move continually, at that point, you can essentially take your bag with you. 

Pick the Right Sized Luggage Bag 

Another significant interesting point is the size of your baggage sack. In the event that you are going for longer excursions, at that point, you may require a major baggage sack; however, for an end of the week trip, a light carry-on is adequate. Additionally, you need to remember the exercises that you are probably going to do on your outing. 

For individuals who might be enjoying the great outdoors/trekking, a ton of outdoor hardware will take space in your baggage pack. In any case, on the off chance that you are going for a seashore trip, at that point, a little sack will be all that could possibly be needed. 

Settle on a Hard and a Soft Bag 

When searching for the ideal pack, you additionally need to choose a hard-shell and a delicate shell sack. A hard-shell pack is made out of materials like polycarbonate and is sturdier and progressively tough. Be that as it may, it probably won’t be reasonable for a lightweight suitcase, particularly in the event that you are going on a flight. 

A delicate pack will be progressively helpful to store in the overhead compartment and will likewise be lighter. Be that as it may, they are bad at ensuring any delicate thing and can undoubtedly tear whenever made of low-quality material.


In today’s world, traveling is inevitable. The daily tour consists of family excursions, business excursions, school trips, walks, and much more. In this situation, trolley bags with number locks, wheel locks, wear resistance, and warranty is becoming essential with style, durability, and ease of carrying. But it’s not easy to choose a good trolley bag. That is why we looked to give you the best list of trolleys in India, such as American Tourist Jamaica Skybags Polycarbonate 55 cm as the best options in a pocket-friendly range. 

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