5 Reasons to Start a Passion Project

Passion Project

Life got you down?

If you feel like work stress is getting the better of you, or life has lost its glow, it might be time to find a passion project. Most of us don’t pursue our passions or creative side for a living, but it’s a mistake to let that part of us go to waste! If you’re not regularly pursuing a passion on the side, then you could benefit from a passion project. A passion project is a creative or personal pursuit that you engage in on a regular basis, so whether it’s origami, baking, designing a video game, or gardening, a regular passion could help you feel better about life. Without further ado, here are five reasons to start a passion project.


You Get in Touch with Yourself

You may not know what all your passions are. If you don’t have many passions you pursue on a regular basis, you may have lost touch with some of them. When you find one of your passions, you usually get a gut sense of, “Yes! This is for me!” Explore new things and see what gets you excited. Will you become a quilter? A skier? You won’t know until you try. Your passion can help you realize things about yourself you never knew.


You Get Smarter

A new passion means a new set of skills, and learning new skills can make you smarter. A passion project can help grow your brain and your abilities. You’ll learn things you never knew before, and you’ll probably wind up smarter because of it. Almost every new passion takes a new set of skills, and a learning curve. Your passion will help you commit to always growing as a person.


You Experience More

A passion project can take you to places you’ve never been. You might face fears, or find yourself in social settings you never imagined. A love of surfing could take you to surfing lessons in Waikiki, HI, and a love of ancient history could take you to Egypt. Passion projects help create brand new experiences, so if you’ve settled for less, a passion project could take you to more.


You Make Friends

Most passion projects end up connecting you to others. If you’ve got a passion for fine wine and spirits, you may end up meeting new friends at wineries or tasting events. A craft-passion can connect you to fellow crafters, and a shared athletic passion will help you find a team and a new community. Whatever your passion, you’ll probably see it help you find friends.


You Feel Happier

A passion project is your chance to invest in a passion. Your passion makes you feel good–it’s one of the reasons you connect with it and find it a passion in the first place. Positive feelings are a huge part of happiness, and a chance to invest in you will boost your mood as well. If life seems a little gloomy right now, a passion project could be just what you need to brighten your skies.

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