5 Unique Gifts for Co-workers


Are you looking for a unique gift for a co-worker? There can be pressure when it comes to giving gifts to co-workers and workplace gift-giving, but if the office is on the same page about price limits, etc.

Gift Giving to Colleagues

Typically gifts such as perfume, lotion, clothes, or jewelry are too personal for a co-worker. The below five tips for gifts that are fun and unique that your co-workers will enjoy.

Price Limits

If your office has a gift exchange and has set a limit, such as all gifts must be less than $25, than don’t exceed the limit. You want to make sure that you are not making anyone feel uncomfortable by overspending.

Put Some Thought into Gift Selecting

Put some effort and thought into selecting a gift for your co-workers.  Choosing a gift should show that you respect and appreciate you, co-worker, not be something you quickly picked up that doesn’t reflect your co-worker or any thought put into it.

Consider What Your Spending

Overdoing gifts and being a show-off isn’t going to make you any friends in the office. Giving expensive gifts to co-workers at an office event can seem out of proportion. On the other hand, being lazy or cheap in your gift-giving might be perceived as you don’t care about your co-workers or office parties and are only participating because you had to.  Many gifts have meaning and can be fun for your co-workers to receive. In fact, this post includes five unique gifts to give a co-worker.

Etiquette Tips for Office Gifts

If you are having trouble generating ideas for gifts, ask a few people in the office to get some thoughts on the kinds of gifts they are giving. Ask family and friends for ideas or search online for office or co-worker gift ideas. There are lots of gift ideas that are fun for your co-workers to enjoy. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to picture how you would feel if you received the gift, you’re thinking about giving.

Below are five unique gifts for co-workers to help you with ideas.

1. Moodycards

Moodycards help your co-workers express how they are feeling. They are a fun office gift and provide lots of laughs for everyone in the office. There are over 30 messages for your co-worker to tell you how they are feeling. Moodycards are an excellent gift for a co-worker who has a fun personality and will find the humor in them.

2. Desk Accessory Holder

A desk accessory holder for pens, tape, memo cards, paper clips, that looks like a butt holder. It can be a gag gift, but your co-worker will probably get a lot of use out of this unique desk accessory holder because it can hold a lot of stuff. The magnet butt contains the paper clips, tape dispenser with clutter, pens, and business cards.

3. Mist Screen Cleaners

Some mist screen cleaner can go along way to helping your co-worker keep their smartphone and computer monitor clean. There are a variety of different screens that people use these days and with all the tapping, swiping and dust screens get very dirty. So, mist screen cleaner is a thoughtful gift to help your co-worker keep streak-free screens.

4. Cubicle Guest Book

If your co-worker is never at their cubicle or workstation when you stop by, gift them with a guest book that visitors can sign to let them know when they stopped by to say hi. It has encouragements and information on how your co-worker can follow up when they return to their cubicle or workstation.

5. Magic 9 Ball

A fun and unique gift for a co-worker is a Magic 9 Ball. A new take on the old Magic 8 Ball, the Magic 9 Ball answers your questions with its sarcastic answers. The Magic 9 Ball can bring some fun to the office.

Final Thoughts

Giving gifts to co-workers shouldn’t cause any stress, do some research, and thinking of your co-worker’s personality and if they would enjoy and see the humor in the gift you are giving.

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