It’s hard to be healthy. We watch people jog outside our window, or we hear about a serious diet change, and we shake our heads. Nope, we think. That’s not for me.

The reason that being healthy is difficult is because being unhealthy is so much easier. If healthy snacks and meals were easier to get and less expensive than unhealthy ones, we’d probably eat like Olympians. The problem isn’t that we hate our bodies and want to be mean to them. We just don’t always have time to take proper care of ourselves.

Luckily, there are some simple ways to start increasing our health. To improve your well-being and have fun while doing it, take a look at these six steps for improving your health.

Bake on Sunday

If you’re a snacker, then you know how much 3pm on a workday can ruin your healthy plans. When you’re hungry, and there’s nothing to eat but vending machine kibble, you’re going to buy some. To avoid these situations, bake muffins or homemade granola bars on Sunday. They’re cheaper, healthier, and they only take about a half an hour to make. Plus, you may learn that you love to bake, and come to enjoy it as a weekend activity.

Get a New Pillow

Sleep and health are linked. If you’re not getting enough rest, your well-being will suffer. According to a Johns Hopkins sleep study, your pillow might actually be hindering your quality of sleep. Get a new pillow, and start getting better rest. Once you start sleeping better, you’ll notice an improvement in the way you feel right away.

Take the Stairs

If you have a hard time going for a jog or heading to the gym, try exercise with distraction. Find a coworker to walk up and down the stairs with you at work for about twenty minutes a day. You’ll engage your muscles and get your heart rate up, and the conversation can help keep your mind off the discomfort and fatigue.

Lose Some Weight

Excess weight can put an individual at risk for several health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers. Don’t let your weight control your energy or your future. Try to shed those pounds. If you need a little help, try something like Fastin Diet Pills to lose weight more quickly.

Eat Ethnic Food

The average American diet is pretty heavy in dairy, meat, and grain. To eat some vegetable-rich dinners, try to cook more ethnic food. A lentil curry or vegetarian burrito will help you get a ton of fresh veggies into your diet, and it won’t feel like you’re eating bland food to do so.

Take a Class

It can feel almost impossible to drag yourself out of bed to go running. In a class environment, however, you can feed off the energy of everyone around you. Take a Zumba class, or learn a combat sport like Tae Kwon Do, to start getting an easy, fun exercise boost.