Why Your gadgets get slow as they age

Every one among us has witnessed slowing of our mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets over the time. After a few years of serving you, these gadgets do not offer the same spring as they did when you unboxed them.

OnePlus will not launch 5T but will be launching OnePlus 6, and features can be…

oneplus 6

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 5 a few months ago. In the review, it was described as the best Android smartphone of this segment. The company had launched the second variant OnePlus 3T after flagship smartphone OnePlus 3 last year. This time it was also expected that OnePlus 5T will be […]

Top 10 Lumbar Support Pillow

Prolong sitting with the flexed spinal curve results in cramps and causes the muscles to tense. Besides, most of us have a habit of slouching forward when sitting for an extended time. It is one of the leading causes of lower back pain and lumbar lordosis.