Reddit prohibits r / The Donald and r / ChapoTrapHouse as a result of expanded regulations

On Monday more than 2,000 groups are being suspended for breaching the latest content policies of Reddit Upon changing its community policies to further specifically prohibit hate speech, Reddit would suspend r / The Donald, r / ChapoTrapHouse, and around 2000 other groups today. The policy change came three weeks after demonstrations from Black Lives […]

Uber Makes Offer to Buy Postmates Delivery Service

The ride-hailing organization has been attempting to extend its food-delivery business to make up for the breakdown of its essential business. A deal for Postmates, last esteemed by investors at $2.4 billion, could support Uber’s delivery business, Uber Eats. Credit Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO — Uber has made a takeover offer to purchase […]

Apple has declined to introduce 16 Web APIs in Safari because of privacy issues

Apple said these 16 new web APIs are creating more ways for digital marketers to fingerprint consumers. Apple said that it refused to introduce 16 modern application technologies (Online APIs) in Safari this week because they presented a challenge to consumer privacy by starting new potential device fingerprinting avenues. Technologies which Apple has declined to […]

Exclusive: Facebook ad boycott campaign to go worldwide, suggest organizers

(Reuters) — the organizing committee of a Facebook Inc (FB.O) advertisement boycott movement which has attracted help from a steadily growing list of big corporations is now planning to step up the global fight to raise leverage on the social networking company to eliminate hate speech. The “Stop Hate for Profit” movement will continue calling […]

Starbucks is the most recent organization to delay advertising over social media platforms

Key points: Starbucks is the most recent organization to state it will delay promoting on “every single social medium platforms” and vows to have conversations internally and with media accomplices and civil rights organizations to stop the spread of dislike speech. The organization will keep on posting via web-based networking media without paid advancement. Starbucks […]

Facebook toughens controls on Speech as Ad Boycott Grows

Facebook Inc. rose under scrutiny from advertisers. FB -8.32 per cent said that it would begin to mark political expression which breaks its laws and introduce certain steps to avoid the intimidation of voters and to defend minorities from violence. The proposed rules were revealed Friday soon after The Wall Street Journal confirmed that U.S. […]

Newzoo Global Games Market Report 2020 | Light Version

The following free report flaunts significant level takeaways from our 2020 Global Games Market Report, including a explicit breakdown of the market regarding income and gamer forecast per fragment. It likewise investigates the market trends that are molding and driving the gaming scene, a specific look at the most recent improvements per section and area, […]

In security software provider Tanium Salesforce invests $9 billion

KEY POINTS:Tanium told that it has now raised $900 million aggregate, recommending that Salesforce is putting about $100 million into the security organization.Salesforce said that it’s bonding together with Tanium to secure employees in the “the new all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.”Salesforce’s earlier investments incorporate Zoom, Dropbox, DocuSign and SurveyMonkey.Salesforce’s venture arm, which has risen as among […]