Best Big Bongs

Big Bongs

Whether you want to get blazed as quickly as possible or just make a statement when smoking with friends, a giant bong is a ton of fun to use. Just like your typical water bong, huge bongs come in all kinds of shapes and styles with different percolator setups for some sweet bubbling visuals. This roundup features heat-safe glass bongs ranging from 16 inches tall to a massive 30 inch behemoth!

Big bongs vs small bongs

  • Percolators – Bigger bongs often have more room for multiple percolators and other features like ice catchers, making each hit smooth and filtered.
  • Bong size – The size of the bong alone gives the smoke more time to cool down before reaching your lips. However, don’t be fooled by mini bongs, some of them have recyclers or other features that maximize interior space.
  • Hit size – Big bongs produce massive hits that just can’t be equaled by smaller sized glassware.
  • Convenience – This is where mini bongs shine. Small bongs are more portable if you decide to take your piece on the go. A smaller size is also easier to clean, store,  and pass around when smoking with a group of friends.
  • Water – Huge bongs have a large interior space, which can hold more water than their petite counterparts. Having more water typically means more bubbles can be generated for filtering out contaminants and aerating the smoke.

Best huge bongs for sale

Quadruple Jellyfish Perc Bong – 21 inches

If you’re searching for big bongs with percolators, look no further than the Quadruple Jellyfish Perc Bong. As the name suggests, this water bong packs in four jellyfish percolators stacked one on top of the other, making up the majority of its 21 inch height. This straight shooter style bong generates billowing plumes of smoke that’s as filtered as it gets. Blown from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this big bong has a built-in ice pinch for cooling down the huge amount of vapor and includes a diffused downstem and matching glass bowl.

Powerpuff Beaker Bong- 18 inches

The Powerpuff Beaker Bong is one of the best big bongs under $100. The beaker style is prized by smokers for its direct hits that will get you baked in minutes, plus it has a wide base that’s stable enough to trust sharing with even the most accident prone friends. A central tree percolator is the highlight of this piece, however it also has a three-pinch ice catcher for cold, comfortable tokes, and a removable diffused downstem for an extra level of filtration.

Sestina Bong- 24 inches

This towering straight shooter was designed with durability in mind. With few fragile parts, thick glass, and a horizontal design, honeycomb percolators are one of the most long-lasting percs available and the Sestina Bong has six! Not only do honeycomb percs aerate and filter contaminants out of the vapor, the millions of rising bubbles are entertaining to watch. None of the space is wasted in this bong, which fits a dozen or more ice cubes in the neck above the ice catcher.

Pink Triple Matrix Chamber Bong – 17 inches

Three matrix percolators offer triple the smoothness and triple the fun. This 17-inch glass bong is crafted from transparent heat-resistant glass with pops of light pink on the mouthpiece and base. A clear funnel smoking bowl fits snuggly into the tall fixed downstem, which adds additional space the smoke needs to travel and cool. Because of the curved neck, you won’t have to worry about inhaling dirty bong water even when taking the largest of hits.

Tall AF Bong – 30 inches

The monster-sized Tall AF Bong is for those who don’t want to mess around. Standing at 30 inches tall, this beaker bong has a ridiculously long neck, which can be filled to the brim with ice cubes if you prefer feeling like you’re smoking in the tundra. The piece comes in four swirling patterns blown from high-quality scientific borosilicate glass. While it may be tall, this water bong is stabilized by the large beaker base. The gargantuan hits this bong produces are relatively comfortable on the throat thanks to the diffused downstem.

Royal Glass Bong – 19 inches

Smoke like royalty with the 19 inch straight shooter bong. The raised glass accents below the thick mouthpiece adds to the aesthetic, but also offers extra grip during hard tokes. Lighting up and removing the bowl is easy since the fixed downstem is angled away from the body of the bong. Water features include a honeycomb percolator, a diffused domed splashguard, and a jellyfish perc within its own separate chamber. Choose from royal blue, black, or lime green accents.

Ghost Rider Bong – 16 inches

As the smallest on this list, the Ghost Rider Bong may not have the initial “wow” factor of some of the larger bongs, but is still one of the most mesmerizing to watch, even if you’re not the one smoking. This 16-inch completely transparent glass bong has three levels of filtration. The smoke will first pass through the inline perc before encountering the central tree percolator and finally hitting a domed splashguard with diffusion slits. Looking for big bongs for cheap? Visit the online headshop at Everything for 420 for all the bongs mentioned in this article, plus a large selection of huge bongs and dab rigs at unbeatable prices!

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