Whether you’re a businessman or a barista, there are different kinds of shirts everyone should have in their closet. Many of these shirts are designed for specific events and seasons from the Oxford button-downs and relaxed Chambray and can be carried in almost every fashion. If you need some assistance with choosing what kind of shirt to purchase, keep reading this article to know about the different variety of casual shirts for men. 

The casual dress code can be a bit overwhelming in terms of freedom and versatility. So most men tend to retire into the traditional fool proof outfit: shorts, t-shirt, and a nice pair of sneakers. But later in this article, you’ll see that there are more subtleties to spice up your casual look.

We agree, knowing all the complexities of design can seem overwhelming, which is why we have decoded some of the most popular men’s dress codes (goodbye sartorial nightmares!), beginning with the most relaxed and working our way to the most formal.

The argument is, there are various types of casual shirts for men that are best suited for different occasions. There’s one wonder dress, however, that fits across the entire spectrum of social settings. Wear it at a wedding, wear it at a bar, wear it at a game of football, wear it to see the Queen. Fascinated? Of example, we are all about the jacket.

With all its various variations, the shirt is undoubtedly the most versatile dress article there is. But what kind of shirt should you store in your wardrobe with to make sure you have stylishly covered all of the bases? 

How to choose the best casual shirt for men?

You have to choose which kind of shirt you’re seeking. Here we have chosen the best formal dress shirts, corporate shirts, and casual shirts for men for any event.

The most formal clothes for men are paired with a tuxedo and a black tie. For these, you will want the right steam iron or get them professionally cleaned and rolled. For the workplace, corporate shirts are great, whereas casual shirts for men are suitable for more comfortable conditions.

When it comes to casual shirts, all laws are out of the window; you can choose what suits your look. These can be worn as a single layer, or combined with a t-shirt and left unbuttoned. Choose a camp tie, or bright patterned shirt, if you want to get dead on-trend for SS20.

Types of casual shirts for men

Here is the list of all the variety of casual shirts for men that can be bought: 

1. Oxford button-down 

The Oxford button-down casual shirts for men was invented by John Brooks in 1896 and was an instant classic. Characterized by its heavier cotton and button-down neck, this shirt is a relaxed twist on the conventional style of dress. It’s perfect for a lot of events, be it at a wedding or the office. For a professional setting, opt for lighter colors and darker shades for a casual event.

Sharing its name with the Oxford fabric, it is made from; this iconic menswear has acted as the backbone of many a trendy ensemble for well over 120 years. Similar to most others, the fabric is quite dense in shirting, giving it a relaxed feel. The standard design elements are a button-down collar and a hanger loop to the back of the yoke.

2. Dress Shirt

Whether you’re a fan of getting suited and booted or not, society dictates you’re likely to have to shoehorn yourself into a tuxedo at least a handful of times throughout your life. If you haven’t already heard, a particular type of shirt includes a black tie.

Elegant and simple, the casual shirts for men are just what you need to please when you are trying to. Usually, it is heavier than a regular jacket, with a peaked, winged, or cutaway collar and double cuffs. A tuxedo or three-piece suit, along with a bow tie and cufflinks, helps the dress shirt look best. It’s often seen at functions in black or white clothing, or on James Bond himself.

3. Cuban collar | Best Casual Shirts For Men

Get your best cigars out and soak up the sun in a Cuban shirt collar. Those shirts are an indispensable summer staple with short sleeves and an open collar that makes you look and feel calm. Don’t be misled; this shirt doesn’t have to make you look like you’re on holiday with the kids; with the correct style, you can look fresh as a cucumber. With a range of colors and styles to choose from, you can keep it relaxed or beachy-like, whatever your mood. It’s best for laid-back events like a festival or an afternoon at the pub; show a bit of chest at once and look slick.

What better way to please your lord of Colombia’s hairy weed than by soaking up some sun in his favorite shirt type? This breezy summer classic has always looked good, and it’s also right on trend right now, thanks to the current fifties-fashion revival.

The’ Cuban’ part refers to the open collar of the shirt, which makes it ideal for bringing some air on your chest. Furthermore, most Cuban collar shirts do sport a relatively boxy shape, clear hem, and front button-up. Cuban Collar shirts are one of the fanciest and the most comfortable casual shirts for men.

4. Overshirt 

The Overshirt comes into play for the in-between seasons where it is too chilly for a T-shirt alone but too dry for a sweater. It’s versatile and usually worn over another shirt top, whether it’s a T-shirt or a button-down one. The elegance of the casual shirts for men is its simplicity; go for a simple T-shirt combined with a colorful patch underneath? For a night out, blues and white are perfect, whereas bright tones are best suited for daytime activities.

It is too lovely a sweater but too cool a T-shirt. That problematic transitional period between the two meteorological extremes is notorious for throwing a spanner in the works concerned with getting dressed. We do have overshirts, however, fortunately.

The elegance of the Overshirt resides in its flexibility. When the weather is warmer, it allows for a perfectly suitable light jacket. Or, on colder days, you can layer things up and even wear a winter coat over the top. Thus, overshirts can be those casual shirts for men, which can be worn in any season. 

5. Flannel, Best Casual Shirts For Men

Stay warm and elegant, with a flannel shirt. The flannel top, often seen on those who live in cold environments, is made of a dense, soft fabric that usually comes in a checked style. Flannel is the best choice for those days when you need to stay warm. Pair it with a T-shirt and jeans and you are going to be the smartest man in the room.

Whether you’re clearing trees in western Canadian forests, or just nipping out in mid-December for a latte, the simple flannel shirt is an utter necessity. If you go for a plaid or simple edition, this dense, lightweight fabric is necessary when the mercury drops, and it’s flexible too.

6. Office Casual Shirts for Men

Roll up your sleeves and get to work with a fresh feel. For those who work in a desk job, the workplace shirt is the ideal choice; think business casual. Colors like whites and pale blues are an excellent workplace choice. Go for more relaxed style textures such as oxfords and herringbones without needing to contribute a bow.

It’s a horrible term, but the advent of business casual dress codes has meant that you could probably clock up in a much more comprehensive range of clothes than your father ever dared. We think that’s a good thing, but wardrobe workhorses like the classic work shirt still have room, especially if your boss still expects you to wear a tie.

7. Chambray 

One of the most useful things to have in your closet is the chambray shirts. Like jeans, it is made in a lightweight structure of cotton and simple thread, creating a relaxed yet stylish piece of clothing. Those shirts are ideal for any smart casual or laid back case. Relax by wearing it in combinations of denim or chinos. If you need to smart the lookup, you should rock the Chambray with a blazer; there are endless possibilities.

No, that is not denim. In its design, Chambray uses a plain weave, which results in a fabric that is lighter than the twill weave used for its jean-making cousin. That makes a chambray shirt a great option if you like the denim look but find it a little too much. Chambray is considered as one of the best casual shirts for men. 

With almost everything, this type of shirt looks fantastic, making it nothing short of a staple style and something every block should have at least one hanging in its wardrobe.

8. Classic short sleeve 

Roll up your sleeves in a simple short sleeve shirt with design. This type of shirt has an open and pointed collar, identical to the traditional button-down. It’s a stylish option to enjoy a casual beach day or a cafe. You can choose to style it any way you like, available in a massive range of colors and patterns. Without a belt and a pair of jeans, chinos or shoes, those shirts look fantastic.

It wasn’t that long ago that the short sleeve shirt was a criminal type reserved for delivery drivers, bible salesmen, and creepy men in nightclubs wearing coffee cups of the height of pupils. Thankfully, this casual summer look has been revived by designers for its flexibility and practicality during warm weather.

It has become a forum for larger summer styles in recent years, spanning from tropical prints and geometric patterns to pastel colors and vertical stripes whichever preferred mode of turning heads, a short-sleeve top fits from jeans and chinos to lighter denim and linen trousers with most summer legwear.

9. Denim Shirts For Men

The denim shirt is a piece of clothing that can bind an outfit together instantly. Whether it’s a casual meeting or a smart-casual event, it provides a great feeling of effortlessness. Choose a light-colored T-shirt under the jeans and wear it for a plain and fashionable look with a dark-colored pair of pants. The denim shirt is a timeless and stylish option for the days when you want to feel comfortable but simultaneously look cool.

Don’t be too fast to write off a denim shirt as a faux pas in fashion. If worn correctly, this classic workwear item can add a dose of masculinity to your outfit and lend a casual edge when worn with an unstructured blazer, or even a full suit if you feel brave.

The fashion police also seem to have an everlasting arrest warrant for double denim, which may put other people off wearing denim up. If you’re smart about it, though, adopting the Canadian tuxedo can offer a way to inject a specific texture into your wardrobe.

10. Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are the perfect option for days when you are tired of the unbearable heat. It is traditionally worn in casual and smart casual settings, constructed from ultra-breathable fabric. Choose a light colour like white or blue; it will make you look better instantly. Pull the sleeves up and pull for the perfect summer look on a pair of light chinos, or rock it with denim and a blazer for a slightly more formal style.

Was there anything worse than getting squeezed into a train carriage on a summer ride with the soaking wet armpit of some block so close to your nose you can feel the salt almost? Likely not. Don’t be that man and exchange your Oxfords for linens when the mercury starts rising.

Linen is the breezy solution to all your hot-weather woes. It’s bright, it’s airy, and it allows you to play with some pastel colors you might not usually opt.

Now when you know the different types of casual shirts for men, all you need to do is to pick the right one for you and get going to rock the crowd with your presence.