Best Classic PC Games You Should Still Play

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Ever since video games appeared, a world of innovation was created, with countless titles that ended up being cult classics. People still argue about the best games that were ever created. It is a certainty that this debate will never actually end. With hundreds of titles that can be contenders, what are the best classic PC games that you should still play?

The question is intriguing and we need to acknowledge the fact that the titles mentioned below are subjective. However, according to the community at, the following should be at least considered.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

This is one of the best ever space-combat simulation games launched. Strategy plays a big part in the fights, with an energy management system that will keep you focused. For the first time in history the player was an Imperial pilot and not a member of the popular resistance. This is why TIE Fighter reached its cult classic level. Its place in history was cemented as it was re-launched on Steam, with better sound and graphics.

Deus EX

The cyberpunk action RPG everyone loved because it explored different themes like technological advancement, human being augmentation and societal inequality. JC Denton, the character you control, a low-level cyborg, is simply loved, 19 years after the game was launched. Nothing in the game is straightforward and you quickly get entangled in a plot that is really complicated. You even have to deal with the Illuminati. Now the game has better graphics and better AI.

Baldur’s Gate

This 1998 game changed the world of RPGs as we know it. Baldur’s Gate practically set the new bar for absolutely everything in this genre. It is now considered a true classic. In the event that you love Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs, this is surely a title that you want to play. You can build the characters that you play at through side quests, combat and the storyline. The 2012 Enhanced Edition is what you should consider playing since it also includes the game’s expansion.

Diablo 2

Practically every single gamer knows the Diablo series. Diablo 2 is wildly regarded as the best one in the series. It managed to build on its predecessors through gameplay that was genre-defining. After the expansion was launched, Lord of Destruction, the game only became better thanks to 2 extra classes and a brand new act being added. If you want to try the game, it is just $10 now.

Half-Life 2

Released in 2004, Half-Life 2 put Valve and first-person shooters on the map. This is one of the most popular PC games ever created. It continues the story in the original Half-Life game, allowing you to fight aliens and much more. You get the opportunity of trying so many games and players eagerly remember the robot dog that is met during the story. The entire gaming community is interested in a Half-Life 3 game. Although it will most likely never be released, tens of thousands of players hope. This is definitely a game you have to try.

Image Credits: PC Games from F8 studio/Shutterstock

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