Email Names

When you start your online journey, the first thing that requires is an email address. Well, we know that it is sort of a digital identity you require in the online world. Needless to say, your email address represents you as you require it everywhere, from signing up to different services, making accounts on email service provider, etc. Choosing the right email name can be a daunting task.

When I started using the Internet, I got myself an email address. Yahoo mail was the most popular one, and I randomly chose- “onlyjim”. It was nearly 15 years ago, and I still use this same handle on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online presences.

But when I started venturing into the online landscape, I didn’t have any idea or knowledge of what it means to have a good email name when it comes to branding and how important it can be presenting myself in the best possible way to create a good impression.

Many of you have seen weird email addresses with prefixes such as “sweet69”, “yourlove” and so on. Even though such email names look good especially when we are teenagers but when we start becoming professionals, it can be quite embarrassing to use such email names as it appears childish.

As a blogger, you need to get a professional email address such as but for those users who are using webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo mail or Outlook, choosing a decent and appealing email name is quite crucial. It is an important aspect of your online presence as it represents you in front of the entire online community.

In case you are a college student or someone who is about to embark on a professional career or journey, then it is the right time to get a professional looking email address which serves you in the long run and will become your professional digital footprint in the eyes of prospective companies.

Now, you will be wondering how can you choose a name for your email address which sounds professional and makes you look serious and sincere person.

So, follow this article where we mention few tips that can be highly useful to you to choose a good email name.

If you have just stepped into the online world and looking to get an email address with your name as email name like, then things will be quite tedious and tough for you as most of such email addresses have already been taken by people with similar or same names. The chances of getting the email address as your actual name are quite slim. But don’t get disheartened. There are other ways to get a good email name.

  1. The first and foremost things that you should do is select the email service which you want to use in future and in a longer run. We personally recommend that you go for Gmail or Outlook as they are the most commonly used email services. When it comes to functionality, Gmail is outstanding while Outlook is relatively less used, so your chances of getting desired email name are quite high.
  2. Now, comes the crucial part of deciding your email name. Well, to put it bluntly, your email name shouldn’t suck. Meaning, your email name represents your personality, your digital footprint or just to say your name. Experimenting with unusual prefixes and suffixes can certainly affect your branding, and you should definitely avoid it else you will become a joke in front of your peers and sound insincere and callous in front of professionals and companies. Be very careful to not include any embarrassing term in your email name.
  3. Once we have cleared that your name shouldn’t be unappealing, the best thing that you can do for getting a good email name is getting your name as your email address.

For example, let’s take a person name Jim Street.

The best name you can think of is

But it works only when you have an uncommon name. If not, then there is huge chances that this email name is already taken by a person with the same name. In such case, you can experiment with name order or try abbreviations.

For example-

  1. StreetJim
  2. JStreet

Many email service providers allow you to use certain special characters such as dashes (-), periods (.) and underscore (_). These characters can help you in getting the desired name you are looking for.

For example-

  1. Jim-Street
  2. Street
  3. Jim_Street
  4. Let’s talk about the pronunciation and recall characteristic of your email name. Since you are going to use your email name a lot of time, it is important that people remember it and easily pronounce it. Spellings which can be difficult to remember and awkward pronunciation of email name should definitely be avoided.

Now, it is time to introduce to you the various things that you shouldn’t do while choosing a personal email name.

  1. Never use any prefix or suffix which sounds unprofessional or childish, such as sweet, hunk, dear, cool, etc. while choosing your email name.
  2. Since your email name represents so never link your email name with the name of your pet, children, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.
  3. In case you are from a culture where your surname or family name gets changed after your marriage then you should try to avoid surname in your email name. It may create confusion in future as people won’t be able to easily recognize you since you have a new surname while your email name will have an old surname. Instead, use something which defines you, like professional title or occupation. For example, you can use:
  4. Jim
  5. jimstreet


As we have previously mentioned it, an email name is sort of your online identity. Think about how it will appear and sound like in next decade or so. Think about how it defines you as a person and as a professional. Don’t hurry to get an email name which you may regret in future. Spend some time in selecting the right email name. Make a list of possible names and choose the one that describes you best and will also help in your branding.

With this, we wrap up our guide to help you choose the best email name for you. In case you already have an email name which doesn’t represent you as a professional or sincere person, then it is never too late to get a new one.

If you have any other tip that you want to include in our article, then share it with us in the comment section. Also, let us know if this guide helped you in getting the right email name.