Sitting in front of your laptops or television for more extended hours would surely make your eyes strain from the light generated from them.  Whether after a long gaming session or even after a day’s work at the workplace, you feel exhausted, you’ve probably heard of gaming glasses as the ideal solution. The glasses mentioned in this article all prevent too much constant light from reflecting in your eyes from the glare of screens, TVs, and phones, and we find them to be the best gaming glasses available today.

A computer screen’s “Blue Light” can cause headaches, eye strain, and a decline in overall eye output. The flickering blue light causes the muscles in and out of the pupils to move unnaturally. If you’ve ever found that gambling late into the night makes it difficult to fall asleep, it’s because your screen’s blue light is tricking your eyes into believing it’s daytime. Some monitors are designed to block out blue light, but this light from a panel cannot be removed entirely.

If you’re a Computer gamer, at some point, you’ve had tired eyes. Yeah, that’s certainly not helping with those 4 AM Overwatch sessions, but it’s much more likely you were getting eye pressure from your phone.

And what to do to repair it? A new watch? Giving up playing altogether? Luckily, the alternative is much simpler: during those prolonged marathons, wear gaming glasses. For your consideration, we have found some of the best gaming glasses on the market, so check them out below.

Luckily there are decent gaming glasses—such tinted amber lens contrast with the blue light to keep it out of the vision spectrum. The difference between amber tint and blue light eliminates headaches, tiredness, watery eyes, and even insomnia. You can get a decent pair of gaming glasses for less than fifty dollars, and you’ll soon consider your eye problems solved. They look unobtrusive, like sunglasses, and they are one of the unique items that solve the issue they are supposed to address immediately.

Check out our favorite models, each with its own set of unique features. Pick which ones are better for you, and enjoy your games without the pressure of the eye.

How Exactly Do Gaming Glasses Work?

Blue light is produced mostly by your computer monitor. Now, it’s a little-known fact that blue light is an eye strain contributing factor (it can keep you awake at night as well, but that’s just another side effect). Simply, the blue light is absorbed by gaming glasses to make it easier for your eyes to absorb, reducing eye strain, and enabling you to play longer.

You may think they make games look strange since gaming glasses have a yellow filter. Ok, this filter does far more to make the colors pop than they would usually. It is especially good at fast-paced games where color is used to differentiate between teammates and enemies.

Do You Even Need Gaming Glasses?

In most situations, you probably don’t need gaming glasses unless you are already having eye issues while you are playing. That said, because of the prevalence of streaming and eSports, it is too late for more people to find out the effect long periods of computer usage can have on their eyes.

If you regularly play multiplayer games, play professionally, or play games all day after working on a computer, we’d suggest picking up a pair of gaming glasses. You don’t need them in the worst-case scenario, but in the best case, they help you to feel better, sleep better, and, of course, hit your peak gaming performance.

Best Gaming Glasses For The Year 2020

Here is the list of best gaming glasses which you buy in the year 2020:

Gunnar Optiks INT-00101

Gunnar’s glasses come as a doctor suggested for blocking blue light and UV glare from high intensity. They are such excellent glasses you can use them for sunglasses. The Intercept has outstanding frame construction, making sure the glasses are sturdy and do not fall your face off. Engineered polymers secure curved temples that fit around your head comfortably, and do not stretch out with regular use. User reports suggest this pair of glasses is particularly useful for wide face shapes as the wide fit frame with a lens width of 59 mm, bridge width of 18 mm, and temple length of 132 mm. Reviewers describe frames that have a rubbery feeling and soft. Thus, they don’t strain your face

What distinguishes the Gunnar glasses from others is the lens size, designed to reduce near-eye air currents. It avoids the eye-watering and offers optimum support for consumers. The amber lens removes distortion, impurities, haze, and graininess present in lower-quality lenses in gaming glasses. The lens reflects light as natural light, allowing users to forget that they still wear gaming glasses quickly.

The small magnification these glasses have is one thing that some reviewers love while other reviewers hate. The frames give the screen a visual boost by magnifying the image. When you have contracts or contacts, your interaction with them may be negatively impacted. When you don’t, though, that might benefit by showing more information on the screen and giving you a competitive advantage. That’s certainly something that the default Gunnars will remember.

Nonetheless, Gunnars do have a wide variety of configuration options if you dislike the magnification. When you want to use your prescription glasses, you can get specialist Gunnars with prescription lenses so that you can see even better. You may also choose a variety of frame colors such as Onyx, Fire, Demon, Ink, Kryptonite, Cobalt, and Smoke. There is a pair of Gunnars for all, with all the customization options. They do have a one year warranty, and you can change them out for a new pair if something goes wrong with your Gunnar. They are some of the finest on the market gaming glasses.

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Trust Optics FeatherView

Trust Optics makes a nice pair of gaming glasses that are not going to break the bank. Their proprietary BluGuard amber lenses promise to relieve eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Research indicates that they eliminate blue light by more than 40 percent and assist with cataract prevention and macular degeneration. Trust Optics is committed to helping American efficiency improve while relieving eye strain. According to their study, in front of computer screens, over 95 percent of Americans suffer from digital eye strain due to work and leisure activities. When you get a pair of Trust Optic glasses, you’re going to take the first steps to address the persistent problem.

The frame is extremely lightweight, at just 5.6 ounces, so you won’t even know you’re wearing them after a few minutes of use. They look trendy and have a sleek, square aluminum frame with hinged spring temples. They work just like a pair of shell turtle glasses. The Trust Optics comes with a carrying case and a cleaning towel as well. These are little rewards, but it’s pretty cool to have the extra gear to buy them for such a cheap price. There is also a two-year warranty on the lenses if they stop working correctly— plus a return period of 90 days, so you have plenty of time to find out if these are the right lenses for you.

The best thing about Trust Optics is probably the size. You get a high-quality pair of gaming glasses for less than $20. If you’re interested to see if gaming glasses are going to work first for you, check these out as a trial pair. Without them, you will soon find that you won’t want to work on the machine.

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J+S Vision Blue Light Shields

The J+S Vision Blue Light Filters are perfect for gamers who use voice chat headsets when they play. Reviewers frequently applaud their sleek, unisex frame on the glasses. Anyone can wear those glasses, and they look excellent with your setup.

The J+S Vision filters out 90 percent of high-energy blue light and still emit the low-energy blue light that is necessary for viewing your screen in full. It is also a problem with gamers, as the gaming glasses can distort their games ‘ graphics, thus inhibiting immersion. That is not the case with the J+S Vision glasses since they were explicitly designed to keep the image in view. The J+S Vision team has tailored its glasses to ensure the tint isn’t too dark, offering the clearest possible image.

J+S glasses are perfect for their low glare since the graphics were maximized. Once again, because of the filter, you are getting more blue light, so if you need a utility pair of glasses for daily computer work, look elsewhere (# 5 is an excellent option on our list).

Additionally, the glasses are backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can check them out to see if they fit well for you. If not, give them out at the company’s expense. They do have a one-year warranty to allow you to get a new pair of breaks.

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GAMEKING Value Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These GAMEKING glasses have perhaps the most elegant design, with a cool addition on the glass temples. They have powerful tinted amber lenses that block nearly 100% UV blue light, while simultaneously encouraging the contrast between other colors. By filtering out blue light for short wavelengths, they allow you to work longer, play longer, and stay productive at all times.

GAMEKING has an anti-reflective coating. It prevents glare as well as halos, which plague other gaming glasses. We require sharper vision and no distractions when gaming to make them a perfect option for high frame-rate games such as shooters and games of strategy in real-time. These are often coated in a stain-repellent coating, so they are resistant to smoke, resistant to fog, and easy to clean. They are also immune to scratching and abrasion, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t get a harmful scuff on them, which will make gaming a much less enjoyable activity.

The lenses are also licensed by the FDA, which is not the case for other lenses included in the list. However, this does not mean that the others lack quality; instead, the Federal Drug Administration has an additional stamp of approval for these lenses. These are ergonomically built, so the reinforcement of the nose does not uncomfortably push against your forehead. With small modifications, they do come with a hard case, cleaning cloth, safe pouch, and a mini-screwdriver. They are also clocking in as the cheapest pair on our list, so they’re a perfect gaming glass starter-set. And don’t be surprised if you like them so much that you never update them!

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GAMMA RAY Flexlite

The Gamma Ray Computer Readers are perfect for players who use several displays at the same time. Reviewers say the hardshell frame makes it easy to bounce back and forth between the screen, or simultaneously look at both. These glasses have more ratings than any other on our list on Amazon, but there are some small issues specifically for gamers.

Second, as with the rest of the glasses on our list, the lenses reduce optical eye strain caused by the blue light. They remove tiredness, drinking, and machine discomforts. These are lightweight and robust and have a case holding their frame and a cleaning cloth.

Nonetheless, we’re more mindful of them on the list as a warning to gamers than an endorsement. Such lenses have a thick tint, so maybe they are not ideal for gaming. If you’re just using the glasses to browse the web, you may not notice— but if you want to look at high rendering games and expect the same sharpness and accuracy you’d get without wearing gaming glasses, those aren’t the pair for you. Therefore they are ranked last on our list. We are a decent commodity with a low price, positive reviews, and a free carrying case— although they are not the perfect choice for gamers in general.

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Best Gaming Glasses for Glasses Wearers

If you have ever been to a 3D movie, you’re going to recognize the struggle to use several pairs of glasses at once. The versions below are among the easiest to wear with your prescription glasses, and for less than $40, they are all available.

The DUCO Optiks 8954L glasses are built in a goggle style that allows them to fit comfortably over your existing frames, regardless of shape or size. We know this sounds a little dorky, but they look pretty good, and you can pick from three sizes that suit you best.

You need not think about breaking these, either. It can be twisted to extremes because of their lightweight structure before any harm is done. That said, they come with a lifetime breakage warranty, and you can get another pair for free even if you break them.

The best thing about the 8954L is that it retains all the blue light reduction that you can expect, but it does manage to incorporate a little extra flexibility that makes it easier to fit glass wearers. They would not be appropriate for office work but gaming? They are perfect.

Our next pick, the gaming glasses from NoScope Golem, is very well known in the pro gaming circles. These look similar to the 8954Ls but come with a significantly lower price tag (about $15). And how are they holding up, and worth the investment?

We assume so. The lenses in these glasses are resin-coated. Further, these lenses help remove the glare as well as the light blue, UVA, and UVB. It helps to keep your eyes safe and minimizes eye exhaustion while ensuring you can continue to wear your regular glasses.

 These glasses can take a beating as their overall weight is less. The lenses are scratch-resistant, and the amber tint helps to improve the contrast of your image, enabling you to focus on targets more easily.

Best Premium Gaming Glasses

The following items are more costly than those that we covered, but we assume they provide features that make this additional investment worthwhile. The glasses below will be an excellent choice if you’re a professional gamer or are looking to take it to the next level.

The Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101 glasses, priced at about $45, are much more expensive than their rivals. They are also nice enough to be formally supported by Major League Gaming and come in four stunning colors, so they have an advantage over the competition already.

The Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101 glasses use their amber lenses to improve the screen’s contrast, thereby allowing you to discern elements of a game more efficiently during those clutch moments. Blue and UVB light is significantly reduced, of course, and the lenses have a hard coating to help avoid scratching.

The frame is stainless steel. It helps you to stretch to match your head shape while holding the weight down overall. For greater comfort, the nose pads are flexible, and the temples are slimmer than most to allow more comfortable wear alongside a gaming headset. In short, if you are looking to play professionally, these are some of the best available gaming glasses.

The GAMEKING CLASSICs are less costly than others we have seen, at about $25. And why do they come in the luxury category? Yeah, necessarily, they’re just a clip-on extension for your regular glasses. However, this allows them to be flipped up when not in use, so there is a versatile aspect to them.

The Gunnar Optiks Intercept glasses are priced at around $50, and you can expect them to go beyond that. Luckily, they do-they combine a sleek, modern frame with some of the best possible blue light reductions.

It removes up to 65% of blue light, and 100% of all glare, UVA and UVB radiation. It not only helps to alleviate dry eyes and headaches but also makes sleeping easier if you plan to work or play late at night. There’s even a small amount of magnification (20 percent), so it’s easier to zoom in without adjusting settings for any program you are using.

The frame on the head, too, is simple but in a different way. It is a basic rectangular frame on the temples, which is black with white trim. After all, seeing someone take reasonable measures to protect their eyes is uncommon enough, so why torture them with ridiculous looking frames?

When you are having eye pressure while you are playing, there is a natural cure that will not cost a lot of money and will practically solve the problem, the second you start using them. You know it: we talk of the most elegant gaming glasses.

The pairs listed here are all great choices, but they have to consider specific features. The Gunnar Optics are pricey, but they have a lot of customization choices, and you can even have the lenses in your RX prescription frames. Trust Optics offers a pair of gaming-specific glasses for a low price. We are an excellent company with a great product. J+S Vision allows gaming glasses in a low-tint edition to turn up the concept when you’re gaming. GAMEKING makes a very nice pair of glasses for a low price, which is unique to gamers as well. GAMMA RAY manufactures a pair of gaming glasses which are perfect for everyday computer use, but less appropriate for professional gamers

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong, but it’s Gunnar Optics if we had to pick the top position. That’s the reason we’ve assigned them number one.

One last thing: if you’re a gamer, you should be looking at your fitness. You don’t want to wake up half-blind one day, with carpal tunnel hands, unable to have fun with your hobby. It seems that gaming is a low-impact thing to do; after all, you’re just sitting in a chair. But any gamer knows you can feel very fatigued after a long session. Paying attention to yourself is critical. Get a pair of the best gaming glasses to cover your eyes, and make sure you have a long, happy gaming life. Otherwise, you’ll be playing by sound alone— and that’s not so much fun.

Hope this guide will help you in choosing the best gaming glasses.


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