Best Gift Ideas In Lockdown

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As the harmful coronavirus is quickly spreading, we are all under lockout and are following the precautions recommended by the government and health authorities. Now it is a challenging challenge to stay linked with those you love, but can’t always be with! It is impossible to replicate the pleasure shared with loved ones through quality time, and taking into account that creativity and technologies have made it easier than ever to be in touch, nothing beats giving a warm embrace to someone you love. Oh, you’ve got to wait to give your unique ones a warm hug. What you can do is give them gifts via contactless delivery or digital gifts to make them feel special and cheer them up. During a lockout, if you are curious about gift ideas, then we have lined up some of the best gift ideas for quarantine! With the list, let’s get on.

If you have some pennies burning a hole in your tracksuit pockets (read: the spare change you would otherwise have spent on an overpriced office lunch or Aperol Spritz after work), giving them a lockdown gift will brighten up your week as much as theirs will brighten up. Instead of real-life touch, it’s the best way to show them that you care, especially if, despite lockdown lifting, they are struggling to raise their morale.

Brighten someone’s day with a bunch of flowers or give them a subscription to brighten up their year with a gin, magazine, or coffee. Can’t you take your buddy to a pub for a special birthday celebration? For a beer subscription, give the bar to them. It doesn’t have to be daunting to search for lockdown birthday gifts when there is a huge selection of online gems waiting to make someone’s day. To inspire you, here is a list of lockdown gift ideas. Just a few clicks away from being shipped to someone’s door (or inbox) are all listed here. Father Day present ideas, gift ideas for new mums, or lockdown date night ideas if you’re looking for adult art kits, or maybe wonder ‘where can I buy alcohol during a lockdown? ‘We’ve even got that covered.

Spotify subscriptions (Best Gift Ideas)

Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, shows and concerts could be canceled, but who said no to the music? A perfect playlist can do wonders on the Spotify app and can cheer up everyone. Submit a trial or annual Spotify subscription by adding your favorite playlist to your account. Surely the receiver would appreciate it.

A virtual guitarist (Best Gift Ideas)

Let there be no gap between yourself and your loved ones. This is a digital service provided by several online gift portals. You may sign up for this service and devote songs to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion to express your feelings. With you and your loved ones at the meeting, the guitarist will play the song on the guitar via a video call. Make the celebrations with this amazing service more successful.

Subscription of Netflix (Best Gift Ideas)

Happiness needs two things: Netflix and Unique One! You should give them a Netflix account when you are not with your special one, so they can start watching TV series binge. At such a time, a friend who shares a Netflix account is a real buddy. To make it more exciting, start participating in the race with your friends who watch shows and movies faster.


To light up every celebration, a thoughtful digital gift! Cartoons are funny and can put a smile on the face of everyone. During the lockout, an e-caricature provides a perfect social distancing gift concept. Get the e-caricature crafted by sending the recipient’s image and delivering the humorous present straight to their email box!

Video message

Don’t make your loved ones worry like when they don’t feel great, they are alone and show them that you are there, no matter what. Physical presence isn’t all; if you could be there for them emotionally, they would need nothing else! Get a video message with a musical backdrop crafted with your message and some of their images beautifully put together.

Cake delivery (Best Gift Ideas)

In such a time, a surprise cake delivery will surely put a broad smile on the face of your loved ones. If it’s a birthday for your friend, then it’s one of the best presents to give during the quarantine to a friend. Surprise them on their doorstep with a delicious cake. The cake package will be left on the doorstep with the contactless cake delivery, and your friend will retrieve it further by sanitizing the box. Your delicious wishes will be perfectly processed this way.


It may be obvious, but this is a sure-fire victory. Give anyone flowers during lockdown to brighten up their house. In recent years, online florists have bloomed and have streamlined their services to make it ultra-easy to deliver flowers. To ensure freshness, several online florists post flowers in convenient letterbox size packages with ultra-fast delivery. Beautifully wrapped buds arrive with a flower-arranging guide that gives this gift an additional dimension as the recipient may try to display their fresh blooms with their palm. To help your bank balance, we have assembled a list of the best online flower delivery services with a range of discount codes for Bloom & Wild, Serenata Flowers, Vela Flowers, and Arena Flowers.

Champagne (Best Gift Ideas)

Speak about a special present! With Fortnum & Mason customers, the Champagne gift is a favorite and is great for someone who celebrates something special during shielding. Perhaps a zoom wedding present, or special delivery for an upcoming wedding anniversary, will make this a special doorway arrival.


Hampers (Best Gift Ideas)

Let the people you care about have a powerful effect by sending gift baskets. Why plan just one gift when you can offer a few, huh? The uniqueness of gift baskets for special occasions is that all of them are curated. For instance, gift hampers are typically for anniversaries with champagne, flutes, and chocolates. For first birthdays or baby showers, a gift package with a teddy bear, a fleece blanket, socks, and a rattle. Gift baskets may contain things that you haven’t thought about, but the person who will receive them will be delighted.

Spa (Best Gift Ideas)

In your circle, social butterflies could feel blue now that they’re unable to meet everyone. Friends who are single parents often need to be overwhelmed about working from home, and now they have to take care of the needs of their children and playtime cajoles in addition to the eight or more hours of work they need to do. Offer what they deserve to these people: gifts that will help them unwind and relax. Prove that by giving them fragrant bath soaps, essential oils, and soothing body rubs and ointments, you care for their well-being.

Food and snacks (Best Gift Ideas)

People are planning for shopping runs these days, like they’re going to fight. You will never know exactly what they need at home, but if you give them food that they enjoy, you will the number of things they need to purchase. It could be their favorite crisps from the restaurant you visited or takeout meals. Save a shopping run for them, and you can help your mates stay safe too.

More gifting ideas to look for after the lockdown lifts

Now that we have given you a huge list of gifts that you can gift to your loved one during the lockdown let us have a look at some options that you can shop for them after the lockdown lifts:

Personalized electronics (Best Gift Ideas)

Plaques and medals seem to be an obvious choice for bigger anniversaries of service, but offer the workers something they really enjoy and use with a personalized computer, laptop, mobile, Bluetooth speaker, GPS, or another electronic device. Your employees are sure to keep and use those special gifts.

Personalized coffee mugs

A personalized coffee mug with the name of your employee, their accomplishment, and the company logo is a great gift that is thoughtful and practical for smaller work anniversaries. Your employee can use his personalized mug for coffee breaks at home or in the office. Personalized and client endorsed products like mugs are a perfect way to cement the role of an employee in the organization in their first year of employment. While it may seem easy, a handmade coffee mug can be used for years and has a valued spot on the desk. Even when subsequent anniversaries roll around, your employee will still use the coffee mug!


Food and wine basket (Best Gift Ideas)

A food and wine gift basket can be the perfect anniversary gift for the person who has it all. Filled with high-quality gourmet food and hand-picked bottles of champagne, the employee will appreciate this experience with their family at home or with a friend on a lavish picnic. You may personalize a custom-designed gift hamper with your company logo or with a greeting to your employee. To complete the kit, you can also include unique made picnic blankets, folding chairs, or graved picnic ware or tableware.

Watch (Best Gift Ideas)

An engraved watch or piece of fine jewellery is still a popular classic work anniversary gift. A watch is a valuable gift that an employee can make use of and enjoy for a lifetime. You could also give a custom smartwatch or Fitbit, rather than a classic wristwatch, depending on your employee’s style and taste. These can be graved with the name of your employee, or your company’s personal message. It takes a traditional present into the future and reveals the employee’s special understanding and appreciation of the job they do.


A Homemaker’s First Love: Her Kitchen

If you have a housewife, then you must be aware of the time she spends in her kitchen making food for your family. She spends a lot of time thinking about the delicacies she should make to feed you. Hence gifting her a kitchen appliance will add up to her masterpiece and give her some relief. If she loves to make smoothies, then a blender can be a great option, and if she likes to experiment with new recipes, then a simple pressure cooker can be her best companion.

Creative Thinking Can Help You Out

You are shopping for kitchen appliances that too for gifting it to your wife going to be a hectic task. You just cannot visit any store and grab a product, get it wrapped and present it to her. You need to think multiple times about the usage the same and must also check whether she needs it or not.

Be Thoughtful And Not Lame

Homemakers are in the habit of saving money. She loves to save those pennies and give it to the kids when they need it. She has a piggy bank hidden in her treasure, where she stores the money that she saves from her monthly allowance. So if you gift her something that she does not need you will be in the middle of a war zone. BEWARE!!

Being Selfish Is Not Bad

When planning to gift a kitchen appliance to your wife, you can decide on the thing keeping yourself in mind too. If you love to eat biryani, then a pressure cooker will be a good option, or if you are in love with cookies and waffles, then a waffle making machine will help her out.

Partner in crime phone covers

From stealing the tiffin of a classmate or breaking the leg of the teacher’s chair you both are the ones behind every single act. Believe me, this is going to be a great gifting option for your best friend. The phone cover comes in a setting where you can both share the partners in crime tag.


Long-distance coffee mug (Gift ideas)

The best way to say that being miles apart you both still share the same bond. Gift this miles apart coffee mug and enjoy the tears of happiness rolling down your eyes.


Bitch to bitch wine tumbler

For all those bitchy nights and endless gossips that you have enjoyed gift your best friend a wine tumbler with bitch written in bold letters. Only you two can understand the value of this word and enjoy the precious moments spent together still bitching around.


Still together spoon (Best Gift Ideas)

Gifting a spoon might sound crazy but with still together in coffees inscribed on it, this sure will bring tears to your friend’s eyes every time he will use it.


About your book (Best Gift Ideas)

Believe me, your best friend would never have expected this from you. A book about him, a book that has all the idiotic experiences you have shared together and whatever crimes you have committed. From hookups to breakups write everything in it and make him cry with every line.



What else can you think will make him happy than a pile-up of all those moments you have spent together. Just collect some polaroids and get them made into a collage and go hang it in his room yourself.


Photo fridge magnet (Best Gift Ideas)

Make your presence be all around him even if he is far from you. Gift him photo fridge magnets that he can stick of the refrigerator. Select the best pictures to make him feel the urge of calling you the moment he looks at them.


I promise balls (Best Gift Ideas)

Gift your better half these 3654 I promise balls. Each ball has a personalized promise written on it. I bet your loved one will be teary-eyed while reading each one.

A picture cushion (Best Gift Ideas)

For those who know how to make her blush just gift her a huge cushion with your picture on it. Let her cuddle it up obviously when you are not around.


A twinning tee (Best Gift Ideas)

Why do you only expect her to be crazy? Show her your crazy side and gift her a T-shirt with a beautiful picture of yours. Make sure you both wear it on your anniversary and click loads of pictures.


A rose box

This is the latest trend in the market. A rose that comes in a black box and does not wither at all until 2 years.


A diamond ring

Diamond is a girl’s best friend and if you know it then you must buy it for your lady luck. Gift her a big stone and just enjoy the sparkle in her eyes.

Titan watch for couples (Gift ideas)

For the love birds who love to twin in everything, this box from titan is going to be a great purchase. Why match only your clothes when you can match your accessories too.


A picture album

Just collect the pictures of you two, mind only YOU TWO, and get a photo album prepared with personalized messages on it. Relive your memories together and cherish moments with this album.

A dancing couple (gift ideas)

Yes, it is true that you are already dancing to the tunes of her love but there is nothing bad in gifting her a dancing couple.



We can understand how much you love the scent of his body but still, it might turn out to be odor for others. Jokes apart, select an exotic perfume for your man, and enjoy the sensuous fragrance.


Exotic fruit box

Trust me if your wife is a fitness freak then you are going to be an angel for her sent by god. Gift her a box of exotic fruits and let her enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast.

Biwi no.1 tag (gift ideas)

I know this is a bit too cheesy but there is nothing wrong with it. Let your wife enjoy a day in her own world. Gift her a biwi no.1 tag and she is going to be head over heels for your gesture.


These were some of the best gifts that you can plan for your loved ones. But do not forget to make up for them when the lockdown is lifted.

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